ADVENT DAY 16: RED5 Aquabot Jellyfish

Welcome to this years Advent giveaways feature! We’re offering In The Playroom readers the chance to win lots of gifts and prizes to brighten up your Winter.

Today’s prize comes thanks to RED5,Β who are offering the Aquabot Jellyfish with bowl. These make a fun gift for kids and are relaxing to watch floating and swimming around in their tank.


Keeping jellyfish as pets is just as cool as it sounds, but who honestly knows how to look after them? What do they even eat? Luckily for us novice jellyfish enthusiasts, there is an alternative.

The Aquabot Jellyfish are the simpler and much cooler looking substitutes to your run of the mill goldfish. No cleaning or feeding necessary, just the odd battery change every now and then. Using Smart Fish Technology, these colourful swimmers are fully autonomous, so they will happily swim around their tank, waving their 18 tentacles as they go. Clever built in sensors detect how close they are to the water surface and bottom of the tank, which will then allow them to decide on which of the 15 life-like swimming patterns to use next. To reserve battery life, the Aquabot Jellyfish will automatically shut down after five minutes but can be easily turned on again in three different ways – simply tap the tank, run your fingers through the water or touch your new underwater friend.

Read more about the toy, and buy on RED5


For your chance to win this Aquabot Jellyfish, just enter via the Gleam widget below

Aquabot Jellyfish

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more prizes, and check out our Christmas 2015 gift guide to see more of the products that will be appearing throughout this years Advent giveaways feature.




Good luck. Wishing all of you a happy festive season!

104 thoughts on “ADVENT DAY 16: RED5 Aquabot Jellyfish”

  1. The questiom is wrong in your Gleam (It has the Passports question in). This is a lovely gift idea and I would stand it in or living room to enjoy. Thank you.

  2. As has already been said, the question doesn’t tie in with the article. However, I do love the prize so please can I be entered into the draw.

  3. I would have no choice but to give this to my niece to put in her bedroom…… would be very appropriate gift for her seeing she has always called me JellyFish!!!!!

  4. would love to say in my room but i think my son would enjoy it a lot more πŸ™‚ he loves the aquarium and especially the jelly fish


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