SantaCycle Down: Ricky Zoom Christmas Special

Have your kids discovered Ricky Zoom? This colourful all-bike show for preschoolers has been showing on Nick Jr since October, and if your children have already been watching then I’m sure they will be glad to hear about the new first ever Ricky Zoom Christmas special which is zooming onto screens on Monday!

We had the chance to watch the episode ahead of it’s TV premiere and it’s a lovely festive tale, full of the magic of Christmas and all the speed and excitement of Ricky Zoom and his friends.

In the Christmas special, Ricky Zoom and his loyal bike buddies – Loop, Scootio and DJ – come face to face with SantaCycle himself on Christmas Eve. He has crash landed in Wheelford in a spot of bother, as his fuel has run out! With the help of these four friendly bikes, and a selfless Christmas sacrifice from Ricky Zoom, they manage to capture the magic of Christmas and get Santa flying again ready to deliver presents to all the little bikes around the world.

N and I enjoyed watching the show together, and doing some Ricky Zoom colouring thanks to these Ricky Zoom gifts we were sent. All of the characters grabbed her attention with their bright colours and unique personalities but the main character Ricky Zoom has to be our favourite. With his selfless Christmas sacrifice of his double rocket booster Christmas present, he shows how he has a big heart to put others first – and of course everything works out just fine in the end. The Ricky Zoom Christmas special, SantaCycle Down, has a lovely positive message of giving and team work which is pitched perfectly for this age group.

If you miss the show on Monday at 7am, then don’t worry you can see it again. It premieres on Mon 9 December on Nick Jr and there will be regular repeats so make sure you catch it with the kids at least once this Christmas season!

Barnados Kidmas Campaign

Ricky Zoom are happy to support the Barnados Snowman Fundraiser activity which is taking place right now. Visit the Barnados Kidmas website to find out how you can set up your own fundraising page, to raise money for Barnados to protect and support children at risk. Donations will help young people facing anxiety, exploitation or abuse.

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