How to Master the Art of the Urban Garden in Your Own Home

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We should all, for the sake of ourselves and our families, look into growing and cultivating an urban garden. Not only will it allow you to grow beautiful, stunning plants to decorate with around your home, but it could also actually provide you with a secondary income.  Houseplants are growing in popularity thanks to social media (especially certain species), which means that nurseries and florists near you are frequently facing shortages. You can either sell your propagated plants directly or through a garden company of your choice. 

Either way, it’s a great hobby to become invested in, and to get started all you need is a few key items and some know-how: 

Start a Growing Room 

Growing rooms allow you to grow plants and encourage them to flourish at any time of the year. They can even be done in dark areas of your home because a grow room includes a tent that reflects up to 95% of light. The secret behind the grow room’s success is hydroponic lighting. With these lights and the rest of the growing kit, you can help plants grow and flourish throughout the year. 

It’s the perfect way to kickstart any plant you want to include in your home, or if you really love propagating and want to start a side business, how to quickly turn a profit and share in your love of plants. 

Even if you aren’t ready for a grow room just yet, there are many benefits to hydroponic gardening. The lights from Nutriculture, for example, can help give plants the light they need throughout the winter. Lemon trees, for example, typically need bright light that is often hard to get during the shorter months, and hydroponic lighting can be there to pick up the slack. 

Understand Which Plants Suit Each Area of Your Home 

Understanding which areas of your home are suitable for plant species will help ensure that you place your plants in the right area of your home. So when you buy plants, you can guarantee you will provide for them. 

Think Vertically 

When decorating your home and finding areas your plants will be happiest, it is often best to think vertically. Unless you have windows that touch the floor, or plants large enough to reach up to windows, the natural light in your home is going to be from the centre of the wall upwards. Using shelves is a great way to ensure your urban garden stays healthy, and it’s a great way to add green design to your home. 

Set Timers for Watering 

It can be a challenge to keep track of what needs to be watered and when, so set timers or reminders on your phone. This way, you can provide your plants with the perfect amount of water without missing a week or taking it by ear. 

Keep Stock of What You Need 

You need to have spare pots, different types of soil, fertilizers, nutrients, and in some case hydroponic lights available somewhere in your home. This way you can easily repot a plant that needs more space to grow.

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