Sammy’s Great Escape

Sometimes in the school holidays, its nice to have a relaxing afternoon at home just watching a DVD. Zavvi recently sent me Sammy’s Great Escape to watch and review with the kids.

sammys great escapeThe boys tend to enjoy underwater themes, and we had all noticed the movie poster out and about before and liked the look of it, so they were really enthusiastic when I got out the DVD and suggested a movie afternoon.

The story is all about two Leatherback turtles Sammy and Ray getting taken off in a net and ending up in a massive aquarium. The little hatchlings on the front cover are their grandchildren Ricky and Ella, two courageous little turtles who are not content to just sit and wait at home but set off to follow and rescue Sammy and Ray. They all get into lots of adventures on their way to escape, with Ricky and Ella meeting up with an octopus mum and baby, and Sammy and Ray finding out that the little seahorse Big D runs things in the Aquarium and having to work around him and his rules.

It’s a really positive story about their determination to find an escape and be reunited back together with all their loved ones, and of course they success in the end for a happy ending.

The film is actually a sequel to the movie A Turtle’s Tale: Sammy’s Adventures, but none of us had seen that movie and it did not affect our enjoyment at all.

Sammy’s Great Escape is suitable for all ages and none of my boys were scared during the movie, which Mr Z sometimes can be during even children’s movies if there is a bit too much of the “mild peril” for his liking! Although the character of Little D and his two eel assistants are a bit intimidating and sinister in the aquarium, he never felt too scared with it at all which is great.

All 3 of the boys sat through the whole film with us and it managed to keep their attention well.

You can see the trailer here, and it is out on Dvd and Blu-Ray now. I would recommend it for a light hearted feel good family friendly movie to watch together with young children.

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