Rorys Story Cubes Batman Edition

I’d always been intrigued by the idea of Rory’s Story Cubes, but hadn’t tried them out with the kids until now! As my boys are big super hero fans, the new Batman Edition of the story cubes was a great theme for them, and added a bit of extra excitement!

If you haven’t heard of Rory’s Story Cubes, they are clever toy which is made up of a set of dice with pictures on each face. The idea is that kids can throw the dice, and then use the images as prompts to make up their own stories. There’s an instruction book included with lots of ideas and games, and they can be used by one child at a time, or as part of a larger collaborative story together in a group.


The Batman Edition comes with 9 dice, each with 6 faces so that is 54 different pictures which can be used in all kinds of different combinations, orders and scenarios. When you first introduce the story cubes to the kids, I found it’s simpler to start with a few cubes at a time until they get the idea, especially if you’re playing with younger children.

The story cubes are recommended for age 6+, but I found they suited all of my children including the youngest who is almost 5 (and is a big Batman fan!)

The way that children use the cubes will develop over time, with older ones perhaps using it in a more sophisticated way. It’s a very open ended toy, aimed at sparking their creativity and imagination so the possibilities are pretty wide!

Once you open the packet, you’ll get a small plastic case to keep all of your dice in which is really handy as you wouldn’t want any to get lost, and this option stores them all safely together, and doesn’t take up much space.


The small case also makes them handy for travelling. We took them away to Granny and Grandad’s house over the holidays, as they’re so easy to just fit into a bag. In case you need any help understanding what some of the pictures on the story cubes are, the instruction booklet comes with a little guide too – but children can also introduce their own interpretations and ideas too if they preferred!


The Batman cubes include some specific characters, and some more general items that would fit well into a super hero story, like a box or a bridge.

See how talented comic artist Ross Bamflyde used Rory’s Story Cubes as inspiration to create his own Batman comic

If you have other story cube sets, you could combine them all together too for even more possibilities.

The Batman Story cubes are available from lots of shops, including Amazon, for around RRP 11.99

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