Ravensburger 100 Piece BFG Puzzle

We always enjoy Ravensburger puzzles, and with the new BFG movie out at the moment we had the chance to try out the new 100 piece BFG puzzle, featuring an image from the movie. This puzzle is suitable for ages 6+ and is a little more challenging than some of the other 100 piece puzzles we have, because of the similar colour ranges and tricky details, so my eldest (age 8) enjoyed completing this puzzle, although the younger ones were interested in having a go too.


This puzzle is labelled as XXL 100 which means that the pieces are quite big. This is handy as it makes it harder for any to get lost, and you end up with quite a nice big puzzle once it has all been completed. You can see here the size of the pieces compared to Z’s hand. As always with Ravensburger, the pieces are made of strong cardboard and are durable to withstand being put together, taken apart and being put together many times over the years.


The puzzle image features the BFG’s feet and legs (Big Friendly Giant, if you’re not familiar with the story!) and the little girl Sophie standing on his feet and looking up at him. The colours are quite misty and dreamy, and a bit more grown up than some children’s puzzles as it’s in a realistic style rather than being cartoonish. So if your child wants a little bit more of a challenge, but still keeping a manageable number of pieces like 100 then this would be a great option.


It took Z just under half an hour to complete the puzzle the first time, with some interruptions from his little brother who was interested in getting involved!

IMG_4309He found it easiest to focus on making Sophie, and then the shoe, then building all of the edges and filling in the other trickier bits around that.

IMG_4308Once you get near to the end of the puzzle, you will find some pieces that are all quite similar so it takes some trial and error to get these in place, or you can try looking at the shapes rather than just the colours and designs.


This gave Z more of a sense of satisfaction in completing the puzzle though, and as mentioned it keeps it a bit more challenging for children in the 6+ puzzle range. The finished puzzle looks great!


We haven’t yet seen the new movie, but are planning to see it next week so I’m sure the boys will put this puzzle together again after that and it makes a good addition to our Ravensburger puzzle collection.

You can buy this BFG puzzle online from Amazon for around RRP 11.99

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