Rhymes which educate pre-schoolers

Songs and rhymes are a great way for young children and babies to learn, whether it’s to help them learn and remember particular concepts like the days of the week or colours, or just to help them develop their language skills in general.

Nowadays with the internet, parents are spoilt for choice with so many videos easily available especially on YouTube but it can be hard to know where are the best places to find quality content. Recently I heard about ChuChu TV which is easily among the most popular for children’s entertainment, with over 6 million subscribers. The channel is home to animated performances of well-known nursery rhymes and other kids’ songs, and has a great selection of over 130 fun and colourful educational videos for the little ones to enjoy.

educational rhymes for preschoolers

All of the songs promote good values to the children, with nursery rhymes like “Chubby Cheeks” and “Baa Baa Black Sheep” promoting the value of sharing and helping others, while “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” highlights the importance of exercise in a way that young children will understand. They also have videos teaching phonics and alphabet, colours,  the fingers of the hands, and more.

Each of the songs is catchy and lively, and is accompanied by graphics which have all been produced in house by ChuChu TV so it’s all very unique content. The songs are slightly adapted from the traditional nursery rhymes, as ChuChu TV change them to add more positive content, which also makes them more unique. Most of the creators at ChuChu TV have kids themselves, and they are really passionate about making great content for all of the children to benefit from.

Here are a few videos from the ChuChu TV channel, showing rhymes which educate pre-schoolers

Head Shoulders Knees and Toes exercise song:

Learning numbers:

Learning alphabet:

Learning colours:

Johny Johny Yes Papa and other rhymes:

This one is the most popular video on ChuChu TV with nearly 1 billion views!

There’s also another ChuChu TV channel called The ChuChuTV Surprise Eggs, which has even more educational videos incorporating the surprise egg concept that so many children love. It’s great that the surprise eggs have been adapted to make them educational, rather than just watching an egg being opened and discovering a toy. In these videos, each egg shows something to do with a particular theme, helping the children to learn new words and concepts in an engaging way.

As well as teaching these new concepts, the ChuChuTV Surprise Eggs series also incorporates morals and values for the children watching.

Here’s an example of the videos from the ChuChuTV Surprise Eggs channel:

Check out the ChuChu TV channel here and don’t forget to subscribe

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