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If you have children in primary school you will probably be familiar with Biff, Chip & Kipper. They have been familiar names in our home since Mr Z started reception and recently we have been trying out some new reading apps featuring these characters. These are a great way to link together home and school learning and support the children’s reading at home, whilst knowing that you are sticking to the same scheme that the school uses.

The Biff, Chip & Kipper apps are new apps created by Gazoob in association with Oxford University Press and the well known Oxford Reading Tree reading schemes.

screen568x568The apps include 6 levels, which you can buy individually or as bundles (we have two bundles 1-3 and 4-6). Within each level you get reading and phonics books and some extra activities too.

These apps are perfect for our family, having one child in reception and one in year 2 as well as another who will be starting reception next year, the boys can get a lot of use out of it and with 6 levels there is plenty to span all of their needs. It’s great to see Mr Z and Mr T (6&4 – year 2 and reception) were happy to use it together with Mr Z enjoying helping his little brother to learn.

reading with the biff chip and kipper appsSince they love to have a chance to use the iPad (like most children) these apps are quite motivating for them and they will happily go through the activities when they are having a quiet moment. As well as the reading scheme books, there are also lots of extra puzzles and games which they enjoyed trying out.

biff chip and kipper appThese apps are definitely worth having on your iPad to help support your children’s reading at home. Whether you have a reluctant reader or one who is very keen, I think these apps would work well either way as they can work at which ever level suits them best.

For the younger children, they can start out on the basics like letter sounds and tracing letters. Mr T enjoyed doing this with games like the one below:

biff chip and kipper reading app : fun phonics gamesAnd once they master the letters, they can move on to some of the stories. Children can either read themselves, or listen while they are read out to them and they can tap words that they don’t know to hear those ones read.

biff chip and kipper oxford reading tree schemes app‘Read with Biff, Chip & Kipper: Library’ is currently available as a free app, offering two free books from level 1 when you download the library.  In addition, customers can at present download the apps at £4.99 per level or £12.99 for a 3 level pack (1-3 or 4-6)

The apps are available for iPhone and iPad from the App Store , Android from Google Play and the Windows Store.

For further information about the ‘Read with Biff, Chip & Kipper’ apps please visit or follow us on Facebook and Twitter .

You can watch a trailer about the apps here:

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Great reading apps with Biff, Chip and Kipper from the Oxford Reading Tree series to help build literacy and early reading skills


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