12 Must Know Travel Tips for Parents

Travelling is always exciting, but as parents there’s a lot more planning to be done. The spontaneous and last minute trips aren’t always as possible as before, but with these simple tips you can make your journey go as smoothly as possible to enjoy all of your travel adventures with the kids.

12 Must Know Travel Tips for Parents for flying with kids, and packing hacks to make life easier

Flying with kids tips

Pack plenty of supplies in the hand luggage: Snacks, small toys, chewing gum or sweets to help with their ears during take off and landing (to prevent that horrible popping sensation that can happen with the pressure). Also do not forget to pack their toothbrushes. We all use electric toothbrushes at home and I have just discovered that there are great options of electric toothbrush for travel!!!Amazing right?

Use the new online baggage finder tool from APH to ‘know before you go’ about the regulations with regards to hand luggage size and, for those with younger children, rules about milk and travel seats.

Use printable activities to keep kids busy while travelling. They take up barely any space, and can be easily thrown away after the journey. Try these printable activity sheets for travel or this airplane scavenger hunt for flights (shown below, click link to download)


You could also make a more long lasting travelling kit like this


If your child uses a pushchair, consider whether it would be easier to save space and buy a cheap umbrella stroller at your destination.

If it’s your young child’s first time flying, try preparing them with some books – try this list from Homeschool Encouragement

Packing Hacks for travelling with kids

I have to confess, I hate packing! But why not try some of these simple ideas to make your packing easier.

Toss dryer sheets into your suitcase to keep everything fresh

When packing, roll your clothes to maximise space

Use a shower cap around shoes to stop them touching the clothes in the suitcase

Pack a first aid kit – just in case!

Try these hotel hacks to make your stay easier once you arrive!

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