Lego Nexo Knights Sets Review

With three boys aged 5, 6 and 8, LEGO is very popular in our house! The newest addition to our LEGO collection is the Nexo Knights range, which ties in nicely to the new Nexo Knights series that can be seen on Cartoon Network.

The range includes sets of all sizes, from the smaller The Glob Lobber (#70318 RRP £7.99), medium sized Macy’s Thunder Mace (#70319 RRP £17.99) up to the slightly larger Aaron’s Aero Striker V2 (#70320 RRP £29.99). 

We were sent the above sets to review, and in the picture you can also see Moltor’s Lava Smasher (#70313) RRP £17.99) which we bought around the same time


You can check out the full LEGO Nexo Knights range on the LEGO website to see some even bigger sets like Jestro’s Volcanic Lair, or The Fortrex, which look really impressive!

With the Nexo Knights sets that we have, the suggested age ranges are 8-14, with 7-14 for the smaller set. They do have some challenging aspects to the builds, but my boys were able to manage it fine.


My 8 year old completes them easily by himself, and my younger boys are quite able to complete the sets themselves by following the instructions, but a bit of help from their Dad and older brother did come in handy for them too, and the sets appeal to all of them to play with once built and completed.


Here’s a bit more info on what’s included in each one:

Macy’s Thunder Mace

Take the enemy by surprise! Twist the handle to pop up the Thunder Mace’s hidden rapid-fire stud shooters. Take aim and target the Crust Smasher, them jump out of the vehicle with the trusty Macy Bot, grab the Photon Mace and continue the battle! Includes a scannable shield for the NEXO Power Bomb Blast.


This is a really cool set which includes 3 minifigures, Macy the Nexo Knight, Crust Smasher – a bad guy, and a Macy Bot, which is a smaller minifigure robot. They each come with weapons and the vehicle itself has shooters on it too, which my boys love.

The Glob Lobber

Get ready to lob Globlins at the enemy! The Lava monster is attacking the kingdom! Roll the fearsome Glob Lobber into position and fire the Globlins at the Royal Guard. Overcome the protector of the realm of Knighton and lay siege to the castle with this small but powerful crossbow-shaped vehicle featuring two Globlin flick missiles.


This is a much simpler set, so it’s a quick and easy build which is great for little ones who don’t have the patience for following too many pages of instructions. Despite being a smaller set, it still includes 2 minifigures – a flame thrower (bad guy) and royal guard (good guy) which makes it really good value too. Although the vehicle is on the smaller side, it’s very impressive with sharp teeth and shooters, and is lots of fun to play with!

Aaron’s Aero Striker V2

Take NEXO KNIGHTSTM role-play to a whole new level and transform into Aaron Fox by using the 2-in-1 Aero-Striker V2 as a crossbow, and pull the trigger to shoot the dual spring-loaded shooters. Then stage an aerial battle between the knight and the winged Ash Attacker with the Aero-Striker V2 which also features an ejectable arrow-shaper flyer, crossbow shooters and two scannable shields.


This is one of my kids favourite sets, as it’s really impressive once completed. The set comes with 3 minifigures: Aaron Fox, an Aaron Bot and an Ash Attacker, and there’s so much detail on the vehicle. As with the other sets, it has shooters and it also has another smaller flyer vehicle that can be ejected from the main Aero Striker, by sliding it out – this was one of our favourite features of the set!


We’d definitely recommend the LEGO Nexo Knights sets. If your kids watch the Nexo Knights series or read the Nexo Knights magazine, then no doubt they will be into these sets to tie in with that, or even if they haven’t seen the show they are still a great addition to any LEGO collection, with plenty of minifigures and features on all of the vehicles to fuel kids imaginations. These sets have a really good play value once they’ve been built, and we found that they stay together pretty well and can handle lots of picking up and playing as the build is quite strong.

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