Outdoor Toys Trampoline Review

Outdoor Toys are one of the UK’s leading independent outdoor toy retailers and provides fantastic toys ranging from ride-on cars, scooters, playhouses and trampolines. Earlier this summer, they sent us one of their trampolines to review. In case you don’t have much space outdoors there are also indoor trampolines options for you to check.

Outdoor Toys trampolines (available in blue and pink and different sizes) have been specially designed by Rebo to incorporate the new EU safety regulations regarded entrances, edges and protruding parts. These trampolines not only look cool but parents can be safe in the knowledge their little ones are bouncing around in the ultimate safety.

The trampolines are available in 4.5ft or 7ft sizes, and I decided to go for the 4.5ft as our garden isn’t so big and this size suits us well as there’s still plenty of room to jump but it means that the trampoline doesn’t dominate the entire garden.


When the trampoline first arrives, it will need some assembly. I would recommend to set aside a couple of hours for this, as we didn’t find it that easy (we got someone from Task Rabbit to do it, but my husband helped as it’s a two man job in some parts). The website suggests 60 minutes for assembly, but we did find it took longer – however if you’ve put together loads of trampolines before perhaps you will be quicker than us! Nevertheless, once it’s assembled it’s done for good as it’s fine to leave it assembled outside in all weathers. There are also instructions included on how to move the trampoline safely, in case you need to do that at a later date.

As you can see, once set up the trampoline is nice and sturdy, and all the edges are covered well in foam padding. The enclosure net reaches up quite high and can withstand some pressure such as being accidently bounced against without ripping or tearing. It zips open at the front to allow the kids in and out, and that’s easy enough for them to manage themselves.

The trampoline is 140 cm wide and 180 cm tall, and has 30 spring. It has plenty of bounce, and is a good size for one child to use at a time. Since it’s a slightly smaller trampoline, it’s suitable for younger children from around 3+ but it also works well for school aged children. My boys are 5, 6 and 8 and all of them enjoy bouncing on the trampoline – it’s a great way for them to use up any excess energy!


The maximum weight for this trampoline is 40kg so if you want to join the kids on the trampoline, I would go for one of the larger ones available on the Outdoor Toys site. If you’re looking for a smaller sized trampoline to fit into a small garden and for children to use themselves, then this is great. Previously we had one of the much smaller toddler-style trampolines without an enclosure and this is definitely better and keeps the kids occupied much better, bouncing for much longer times.

The trampoline is ideally recommended for 1 child at a time, but you can fit two on there if they are bouncing carefully. I would definitely recommend to supervise though, and don’t allow any more than that – for safety reasons!


Watch this short video to see the trampoline in action with T bouncing

The Rebo 4.5FT Safe Jump Trampoline With Safety Enclosure is available from OutdoorToys.co.uk, currently priced at 79.95 (RRP 99.99)

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