Orchard Toys Games for Numeracy

Orchard Toys have so many brilliant games to help support children’s learning and development. Over the years, I have played many of these games with each of my children as they are such a fun and simple way to help reinforce all of the learning concepts that they need as they go through school.

We were sent the following games which have all been ideal for my 4 year old daughter N. She loves playing games and doesn’t even realise that while she is having fun playing, she is also practising so many important skills.

All four of these games from Orchard Toys are ideal for working on numeracy skills and are perfect for children like N who will be starting reception in September.


Dino-Snore-Us is a fun board game, recommended for age 4+, which focuses on collecting dinosaur eggs to win the game. The board is made up of four large puzzle pieces which you put together to create the playing area and reveal paths for your four dinosaur play pieces to race to steal eggs from the sleeping dinosaur. This game is great for number and counting skills, observational skills and social skills like turn taking within the game.

All of the pieces are beautifully designed and very cute with lots of detail. N loved the concept of stealing and collecting the dinosaur eggs – especially since when you turn them over, some of the eggs are cracked to hatch and some are not. This adds a bit more detail and suspense to the game play. The game is quite quick to play, so it is ideal for younger children who are new to playing board games or don’t have as long an attention span. It also means you can easily fit it in to your day.

Dino-Snore-Us is available for 10.75

Spotty Sausage Dog

Spotty Sausage Dog is a fun and quirky game where players pick up cards to build their dog, hoping to get the most spots possible on his jumper. The design and characters on the cards are really cute and N was instantly attracted to how funny and different all of the dogs look.

The game is played with a spinner, and the children need to match the number that they spin to the numbers shown on the card to pick up the matching number and turn it over to find out how many spots will be on their dogs jumper for this turn.

When you pick up the end of your dog, then your dog is finished and it’s time to count up and see what your total of spots is. All of this game play involves plenty of counting, number recognition, and number matching which are key numeracy skills to reinforce and help give your child a really solid foundation with their early maths – all while having lots of fun with the silly and cute dogs.

Spotty Sausage Dogs is available for 8.50

Unicorn Jewels

Unicorn Jewels is one of the Orchard Toys mini games, and this was one of N’s absolute favourites. This is a simple but very appealing game as it involves beautiful unicorns and lots of colourful sparkly gems. This game involves predicting and memory, to accurately guess what colour each gem card will be before you turn it over.

N’s favourite part of this game is the rainbow gems that you can sometimes be lucky enough to find. These rare gems allow that player to take an extra turn.

At the end of the game, we count up how many gems we collected of each colour and talk about who has the most of each one, comparing the amounts more and less, adding them all together and so on so it is an easy way to introduce all of these simple maths concepts and N will play this game over and over again.

Unicorn Jewels is available for 5.35, and as a Mini Game it is in a nicely compact box. The mini game range is brilliant when you are short on space, or on a budget as they are such great value.

Penalty Shoot Out

Penalty Shoot Out is another mini game which is great for numeracy skills. This one as you can guess from the name, has a strong football theme. To play the game you roll the dice then match that to the number on the football shirt cards. When you lift the card, it will reveal how many goals you scored. At the end of the game, the player who scored the most goals is the winner!

This game is very well designed and easy to pick up, helping to develop number recognition, matching and observational skills.

Penalty Shoot Out is available for 5.35

Which of these games would your child enjoy the most?

Check the Orchard Toys website to see the full range of educational games and puzzles which they have available. 

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