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This weeks project 52 picture was taken on Tuesday, Mr T was waiting for an appointment and playing at the blackboard as usual but he drew such a good train picture! I was so proud of him, he even put a face on it to make it like Thomas

project 52 chalkboard picture

He was really pleased with himself! His drawing skills have come on so much, it’s really not long ago that we were just working on copying straight lines so that is fantastic! And somehow I managed to take a picture before his coat got totally covered with chalk, which usually happens within 1 minute of them playing with the blackboard!

For The Better Photo Project over at Love All Blogs our assignment this week was taking pictures from a position above the subject. I decided to have a go with this yesterday. As usual, the pics aren’t great – I think I really need to keep week’s 1 lesson of lighting in mind at all times!! But anyway, here’s one shot of each boy taken from above:

project 52 photo from above

Because I didn’t get him to look up, the picture is quite dominated by his crazy hair! I do love his hair though, will be sad when finally give him a “normal” hair style!

project 52 photo from aboveMr T, having a look through a book before bedtime. It’s “Go to Sleep or I Let Loose the Leopard” and the review of that will be up on the blog quite soon. If anyone is wondering why a bit of the picture looks a little weird, yes I have half cloned an object out and didn’t finish.

project 52 photo from above

Mr Z drinking his hot chocolate before bedtime. I stood on a chair and took his picture, but I think when I asked him to look up he took it a bit too far so he is staring all the way up into space! haha.. nevermind!

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21 thoughts on “Project 52: 4 & The Better Photo Project”

  1. I quite often take pics from above, purely because that’s where I’m standing and N’s so short. you definitely get some different perspectives.

    Love the hot chocolate one. Makes you wander what he’s looking at further above!

  2. This made me chuckle I do the same with my toddler, asking him to look up and he goes that extra mile and looks almost up and behind him, way past me. lol Great photos. Love the angles. I am playing around with my new camera and trying to teach myself how to be more creative with it. These are lovely. #livingarrows


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