Project 52: 20

Here are this week’s photos!

Mr R

Project 52 week 20


Mr T

Project 52 week 20


Mr Z

project 52 week 20 at Littlehampton

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Bonus Group shot πŸ™‚

project 52 week 20

It’s not easy to get one of all three sitting still looking in the right direction – they are too active! So this is the best I got! (Mr T did have his other shoe, we were just in the middle of shaking the sand out of them after the beach)

I love these cheeky smiling faces! These pictures were taken in Littlehampton today, it’s been two years since we visited last so it brings back memories of those days and how much they have all grown up since! It’s a reminder of how fast time flies and how nice it is to have the photos to look back on. I’ll be posting up more on our trip to Littlehampton soon!


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