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Bunny Loves to Learn is another great book from Parragon publishing. I love how this book combines the real and the imaginary and its done in such a cute and unique way.

Bunny loves to learn parragon books


Buster the Bunny and his friends, Max, Francine and Sam go to school together and today they are going to have a costume day where they dress up as someone from whichever time in history they choose. This gives a great opportunity for the animal’s learning to be brought into the book for your child to read and learn along with them, while still feeling that they are just reading a story!

They go through several ideas; vikings, pharoah, a roman soldier and more – but Max really has his heart set on being an Egyptian Mummy.

bunny loves to learn


As you can see here some facts and information about Mummies is sneaked into the story, so the child reading can pick up some more facts too – or if they already know this then they can just refresh that.  There is information on the other historical characters too – nothing too in depth but interesting and accessible facts for little ones that will hopefully grab their interest and keep them keen to learn more once they finish reading.

As there is no Mummy costume, Max decided to make a pyramid instead. This was fun to see in the book as we have done pyramid making projects at home ourselves.

bunny loves to learn


This would be a great project to do after reading the book to extend the activity.

At the end of the story the animals all present the costumes they have chosen. Sam is a knight, and has made his own cardboard shield. Francine is a princess with a long silk dress. Buster is a viking and has made his own junk modelled viking ship.  No one can see Buster and then he jumps out of his pyramid with his own Mummy costume which he has made out of bandages.

It’s a lovely story which the my boys all enjoyed. I really like how the illustration style reflects the story in that it combines the cute cartoonish characters with some very realistic elements, like a real castle wall, real tape or a real laptop mixed in.

The book is written by Peter Bentley and illustrated by Emma Foster and Deborah Melmon and is available from good book shops including Amazon*

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*affiliate link. We were sent a review copy of the book through the Parragon Book Buddy Scheme

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