Printable Saving Tracker for Kids to Color

Helping kids understand the concept of saving money is not always easy. That’s why we put together these printable saving charts to help along the way.

Print out these saving and budgeting coloring pages for kids to instantly create a visual savings chart that kids will love.

We have created two versions of our free printable saving tracker for kids, depending on whether they are saving for something big or starting out with smaller goals.

Let’s face it, kids can be a fickle bunch. So what better way to keep them on track than with a cute printable savings tracker?

free printable visual savings tracker for kids, color each coin as they work towards their goal

How to Use the Saving Tracker Printables

Use this visual savings tracker to help children see their progress, and how close they are to reach their saving goal.

You can use each coin in the jar to represent whatever amount of money that you need. It does not have to be $1, although for the youngest kids this may be the simplest.

First, talk to your child about what they would like to buy and help them set a goal for their money and what they would like to achieve.

Display the savings tracker somewhere easy to see, and easy to access for coloring such as low down on a wall. Having the tracker within your child’s line of sight throughout the day will be sure to help him focus!

Decide how your child is going to earn money – maybe you already give a set amount of pocket money each week or each month, but consider whether you would like to give them the opportunity to earn some extra by completing any extra tasks or chores.

Each time your child earns money towards his or her savings goal, have them color in one more coin – until finally they complete the money jar, and will be rewarded with the ability to make their purchase!

Why Use Visual Savings Charts with Kids?

Young children especially can find it hard to understand hypothetical concepts.

By providing a visual, you are making the goal much more tangible for your child and the progress can be much more clearly understood.

Using a savings chart helps kids to understand the benefits of building up their money towards a larger goal, helping to build the concept of delayed gratification and patience.

This is teaching kids valuable skills for life, allowing them to make better decisions and build a financially stable lifestyle as they grow.

Being able to manage money effectively is super important and empowering, so it’s a great idea to start young.

Coloring Saving Tracker for Younger Kids

Start small with younger kids, and have them save for something which can be achieved more quickly.

This savings jar printable tracker has nine coins to color, so young children can choose some things they would like to buy such as a small toy and work towards achieving this goal quickly.

free printable saving jar coloring sheet for kids to use as a savings tracker

Coloring Saving Tracker for Bigger Kids

The visual savings tracker concept can be used with kids of all ages.

Older kids can understand saving over a longer time period, for a bigger pay-off, and may want to save up for some larger purchases like a bike or a gaming console.

Whatever the goals, they can track their progress with this chart which contains 25 coins. For larger saving goals, use each coin to represent $10 or ten pounds rather than just $1

You can also expand the tracker by printing multiple copies to use together. It’s flexible and adaptable, so use as you see fit for your own family.

color each coin as you work towards your savings goal. printable saving tracker for kids

Download The Printable Saving Tracker for Kids in PDF format

Click the download button below for your free instant digital download of the PDF file.

Terms of use: Free for personal use and free for classroom use.


If you found this kids budgeting printable useful please share with friends and family, so other parents and kids can benefit from our free resource.

free printable saving tracker for kids, color the money in the savings jar

Thanks so much! Happy saving!

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