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Globber is a new scooter brand offering an adjustable scooter which grows with the child. R was sent the My Free 2C scooter in blue to try out and he has been getting lots of use from it, and loving riding it. It is also featured at some scooter products review websites such as They also listed Globber Scooter as one of the best adult kick scooters of today

This scooter is designed for younger rides of 3+, and is a great size for R who has just turned 4.

The T bar handle bar is height adjustable and can be set to 3 different heights so that it’s a better fit for your child, and you can even fit a seat on to the scooter to make it suitable for even younger children so the Globber scooter could easily see your child through a number of years.

globber scooter my free 2c

Assembly of the scooter is quick and easy. I didn’t do it myself, but R’s Grandad had it put together within 2 minutes and assured me that it was really easy.

Once assembled, the scooter is strong and sturdy. I have definitely noticed a difference between this scooter and some of the cheaper character scooters that we’ve bought in the past. It’s much less flimsy, and seems to scoot faster and better too. R is definitely using this scooter more than he used our previous ones, and I think that is because it gives a faster, smoother ride and is just a much better scooter overall.

He’s been using it happily to scoot in the street, at the park and at home in the garden and it has performed well in all of those locations.


The My Free scooter has a low deck for better comfort while the child is riding, and also has power assisted steering, and the brake at the rear of the scooter.

You can buy Globber scooters from Greenover Sports. The My Free scooter sells for 54.99 and is available in a variety of colours including blue, green, red, orange and pink.

Click here to see all of the Globber products available

Watch the video to see more of the Globber My Free 2C in action

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  1. Thank you for the fab review! My daughter is outgrowing her Microscooter. Money is tight so can’t really afford a Maxi Micro. This looks like a fab alternative.


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