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A couple of weeks ago we went along to a creative food ideas workshop with Actimel, where top food artist Mark Northeast showed us some fun ideas for breakfasts, lunches and dinners for our kids. These creative ideas liven up the meals and help to get kids more excited about trying out new and healthy food, as well as being lots of fun to make and eat!

Creative healthy lunches for kids - Lots of great and fun ideas!To go alongside the new Actimel for Kids drinks which have a funky space theme on the packaging, we created some space themed snacks with our kids. I have always loved the idea of creative lunches, and have been continuing some of the ideas for the kids lunches since attending the session.


Using healthy ingredients we enjoyed making snacks like the sandwich monster shown above and space ship crackers. The boys loved getting involved in chopping the vegetables and putting together their own snacks.

actimel3They also really enjoyed the Actimel for kids yoghurt drinks. We did buy Actimel already but now that the new Kids drinks are out I’m sure I will buy those for the children, they all really like them and they are a very handy small size to fit into a lunch box.

actimel1These are some of the fun food creations we came up with, thanks to Mark and Actimel for Kids

Monster sandwichMonster Sandwich (It can be like a space monster for the space theme!)

space ship cracker snacksSpaceship cracker snacks

water melon solar systemWatermelon Solar System

Space rocket and banana toastFun rockets with toast and banana (thanks to Eileen from ET Speaks from Home for the picture of this one!)

You can see more of the fun food ideas on this video:

We were given some fun lunch making supplies to take away from the event, and I have been using them every day for Mr R to make sure his pack lunch is fun since it’s his first year at nursery. It doesn’t need to take too long at all, just creating his sandwiches and vegetables into fun shapes adds a bit more personality to his lunch, and actually it makes the lunch making task less boring for me too. I always hated making so many packed lunches each night but now I feel like there is a little more variety with all the fun shapes and designs I can add to Mr R’s meals so I would definitely recommend parents to give it a try!



The new Actimel for Kids yoghurt drinks are available in a choice of strawberry, raspberry or vanilla and are 100g each, packed with yummy yogurt, billions of L.casei live cultures, fruit puree and essential nutrients such as calcium and vitamin D. They are also free from artificial flavours, colours and preservatives. The boys and I would definitely recommend them.

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  1. Sounds like a great day and some good ideas for lunch boxes. I also feel like putting a sandwich in a box is boring so will try out monster faces. Might even give z’s preschool some ideas for creative tasks 🙂


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