Online shopping tips – save when shopping on Amazon

A big culprit that prevents you from making ends meet, is online shopping and in particular, Amazon. It has upended the retail world with simple convenience, endless selections and a combination of nonstop specials. While the savings are there and evident, it is a destination where you spend far too much cash too.  Amazon Prime subscribers not only spend more but also pay for their subscriptions. These are some genius strategies that you can incorporate to get special deals while also saving on Amazon.

Time your purchases

Amazon does have competitive prices, but if you shop around you will find that those prices are not always the cheapest. They also fluctuate and quite often too. An excellent website where you can track Amazon’s pricing history of specific items is CamelCamelCamel. If you specify what you are interested in, they send you alerts when the prices drop to the level you specify. Often it is better to wait for times like Black Friday, Amazon Prime Day or the holidays as Amazon loves their seasonal and event sales.

Check for coupons

Keep in mind that technology works in your favour and coupons along with discount vouchers have long since extended from being applied only to supermarket savings. There is a myriad of coupon and voucher listing websites that specifically list coupon for shops and brands. Amazon also has an online coupon roster that you should check out before you buy anything.

Amazon credit card

You can check here to get inspiration for isa’s, savings and other financial management tools. This way you can understand if you are in the position of getting an Amazon credit card. However, these cards come with perks like 5% cashback and is  also one of the best-recommended credit cards.

Free shipping

You need to be an Amazon Prime subscriber to get the free shipping deal which is a fast shipping option an that is another reason why many regular Amazon shoppers subscribe to Prime. However, if you are patient you can also get free shipping if your purchases are above £ 20.00. It takes longer than the Prime, but the maximum period you will wait for range from five to eight days whereas prime members get their stuff within two days.

Partly Prime

You will pay less for a year’s subscriptions, which is £ 7.99 versus £ 79.99 annually. However, if you find bursts of Amazon shopping choose a prime membership only for those periods when it will come in handy to get the two-day fast shopping like over holiday seasons. In addition, you can make use of the free perks during this period where you have access to prime video and music content, free e-book downloads and two-hour delivery.

Free returns

Most of Amazon’s items have free return shipping but check out the return policy which usually states that items must be returned within 30 days of purchases. Review the online return centre before you make a purchase as often it would be cheaper to drop off your items at a nearby UPS location that delivers to Amazon.

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