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As you may have guessed from my blog title, our Playroom is at the heart of our home. I love having a dedicated space for the children to play and somewhere that can be decorated in a bright and bold way to reflect the children’s character.

Little Devils Direct stock a great range of playroom furniture and kindly agreed to send over a couple of pieces for us to review. Our old bookcase had recently broken so this was ideal timing for me to replace it with a lovely pencil themed one from Little Devil’s Direct.

playroom furniture - pencil bookcaseThey have a full range of furniture to match with this design. I love the look of it as it’s so childish and fun – perfect for a playroom! Our reading corner is an essential part of the playroom and this bookcase fitted in very well. It does not take up much space at all but fits a surprisingly high amount of books on it. As the books are at quite a low level they are all accessible for the children to reach and take when they want, so I am using this book case for all the board books (and Mr R’s beloved Thomas annual collection as he has to take these out and look at all the Thomas pictures several times per day!) The bookcase fits in just next to the sofa, so it’s ideal to grab a book and snuggle up to read together with the children.

I got the boys’ dad to build the bookcase for me. He is never keen when I ask him to build, but when he opened this he was quite pleased to see that he wouldn’t need any screw drivers and it was pretty simple. He had it built very quickly and easily.

playroom furniture making bookcaseYou can see above, the pieces which you screw in to build the bookcase, and my husband busy making it!

And here it is in our playroom:

playroom furniture - reading corner

The quality of the book case is really good. It feels solid and well made, and much more expensive than it actually is – only £19.95 at Little Devils Direct! (RRP is £59.95)

Little Devils Direct also sent us an extra surprise, a brand new item in the range! This is a coat stand in matching design to the bookcase.

playroom furniture - coatstandThis was even easier for my husband to put together and he had it done within only a few minutes. The coat stand is really cute and has the same bright and colourful pencil design. There are hooks at 3 height levels, making a total of 10 hooks to hang coats or bags.

playroom furniture coatrack

Again, this is pretty sturdy. It has a wide base at the bottom so I wouldn’t worry about this toppling over.

Our playroom is at the back of the house, so it would make more sense for me to keep this coat rack in the hallway so that I can encourage the children to hang up their coat and school bags when we get home each day rather than just chucking everything. The problem for me is that I have a massive double buggy in my hall! So when I’m able to stop using that, and replace it with the coat rack in the corner then I will be quite happy! Meanwhile I have it in Mr T and Mr Z’s room so they can hang some of their clothes on it, like their hoodies and dressing gowns. It fits really well into their room and doesn’t take up much space there as it is a large enough room. The boys really like both of the new pencil themed pieces of furniture and think they look cool! I am really pleased with the quality and design and the furniture and am quite tempted to get the matching wall shelf to go above the book case once we run out of space for our books.

Have a look here to see the full range of playroom furniture in the pencil design.

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