What has come through our letterbox recently?

postboxAs well as doing the usual product reviews here on the blog, I also like to get involved in testing out any new products or services. Yes, I am one of those people you see in the supermarket spotting and trying everything new rather than sticking to the same old thing. Sometimes I stick with them, and sometimes I have to go back to my tried and tested favourites!

I thought I would show you a round up of a few of the websites and products I have been working with recently. You don’t always have to be a blogger to get involved, so I will give you some details at the end of the post of how you could join up to some of the schemes if you are interested.


This is a blogger scheme. I will be working with Shoplet Office Stationary to review and show you all some of their ranges in the future. This week they sent our welcome packs with a mixture of stationary and office supplies like glue, notebook and pencils set which always comes in handy with the kids. Mr T has been busy doing some sticking with the glue stick and some pages from the next directory this morning!


This is another blogger scheme, and they have also sent their welcome gift this week- Blackhead Killer Face Masks


This comes in a pack of 10 and is quite a strong face mask. You apply it for 10 minutes and then peel off. The face mask is totally black and cleans out any impurities from the skin. Once I applied it, I could quickly feel the effect of it getting to work. It seems more gender neutral than most face masks due to the style of packaging and the black colour, so I think my husband could use these too. When Mr Z saw me with the face mask on, he said he wants to try it, but he will have to wait til he is older!


Once the mask had dried, I felt my skin had tightened up and the mask peeled off so easily once I was done with it! I have to say this is one of the best masks I have tried in terms of how cleanly and easily it peels. Once finished, my skin did feel well cleansed and felt very smooth. Although it may not be the most appealing mask in terms of packaging and colour – it does its job really well.


I will also be working with Nano-B to test our their new antibacterial toothbrushes. They are self sterilising and have nano-size particles of Gold & Silver in the bristles. I will let you all know how I get on with these over time as they have sent me a yearly supply. So far they seem great.

Febreeze from Savvycircle

supersavvyWe are trying out some new Febreze car air fresheners. I always have Febreze around in the house so its great to try them out in the car too. The fragrances are:

  • Blossom & Breeze (Pink)
  • Cotton Fresh (blue)
  • New Zealand (Green)

They are all nice. If you want to see what they are like before choosing, there is a scratch and sniff section on the packet. I will let you know how we get on with them over time.

Anyone can join Savvy Circle via Supersavvyme so

Guinness Book of World Records for Mumsnet

bookofrecordsIf you haven’t seen me mention before, I am a Mumsnetter and have been on their talk boards for quite a few years now. Apart from being the best parenting forums around they also give us the chance to do product tests every now and then! This morning the postman brought us the new Guinness World Records for 2014. I haven’t got any of these books for the boys before but now Mr Z is getting a bit older and showed a lot of interest in it. It has a wide range of topics in it, from sports to animals and seems like it will be great to find out some random facts and fuel Mr Z’s curiosity for learning. He was really keen to find out who is the fastest runner and what is the fastest car.

Reading Scheme with Room to Grow

Room to Grow have organised a scheme for bloggers where we are each sent books for our children and then forward them on to each other, like a postal library. This is to help encourage reading and support children’s literacy, which is always a good aim.

I chose to get books for Mr Z’s age group of 5-8 as he gets through his books quickly and is always looking for more. At the moment we have Usborne Under the Sea which is a non fiction book.

Duplo with Social Soup

legoduplosouperThis project has just finished, but I thought I would tell you all about it anyway as we really loved taking part in this one. We have been testing out the Lego Duplo Number train and Lego Duplo Green Brick Box with Social Soup. I would definitely recommend these toys to any little ones who are not quite old enough for Lego. It was perfect for Mr R and Mr T (age 2 and 3) and Mr Z (5) still enjoyed playing with it too. For this project we had to let their friends test it out too and I haven’t had a negative reaction to it from any child! I loved Duplo myself as a child. I think its universally great toy for any generation or any gender.

Anyone can get involved in Social Soup whether you’re a blogger or not – so it’s worth having a look. Some other sites to try if you want to try and test new products are:

Bzz Agent
Tesco Home Panels
Savvy Circle
Clicks Research

*Postbox image from freedigitalphotos.net – Image creator digitalart

 Have you been trying anything interesting lately? Let me know in the comments!

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