Over 100 Play Ideas for #100DaysofPlay

Over the summer we’ve been taking part in the #100daysofplay campaign with Chad Valley. It goes without saying that play is so important for kids. It’s the way they learn, the way they burn off energy, a way to make friends and interact, and the way they experience and process the way around them. Play can be as simple or as elaborate as you and your child want. Here are 100 simple ideas for 100 days of play!

Over 100 categorised play ideas to celebrate 100 days of play

For convenience, I’ve split the ideas into

Many of the ideas can cross over between categories, and your child might like to take one idea from here, half an idea from there – mix them all together and create their own unique games and activities. That’s great since creativity is something to be celebrated and child led free play is so beneficial for development. You read more about the importance of free play here.

Chad Valley understand the importance of play and the huge role it plays in children’s development and learning, that’s why they have been promoting the #100daysofplay hashtag over the summer. Check this hashtag on twitter or instagram to find more play ideas shared from other parents and kids activity bloggers.

I’m passionate about sharing fun and simple play ideas for children. Your child does not need the most elaborate toy or the most carefully constructed and perfect craft. Simple works fine, and many of the basic and traditional play ideas are often the most fun.

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