Family Health Round Up

This September we’ve been trying out a few new family health and beauty products. It’s always fun to try something new and we’ve been impressed with the following products:

Green People

September is Organic Month, an initiative of the Soil Association which is supported by Green People. They are challenging people to make a change during September by using more organic products, and we have been taking the challenge by using Green People bubble baths with the boys. We tried a couple of varieties, the citrus crush and the lavender burst and have been really happy with both. They smell lovely, leave the children clean and soft without drying their skin and it’s great to know that they are  organic and natural.

green people organic children's bubble bathI often use Green People products for myself too, like the cleanse and make up remover, and I definitely recommend them as a trustworthy brand with great products. Over the summer we reviewed the Green People organic children’s sun lotion which you can read alongside more children’s health product recommendations from July.

26 seconds is all it takes for the chemicals in your personal care products to enter your bloodstream

Childs Farm

Childs Farm have a lovely range of kids bath products suitable for eczema prone and sensitive skin. They are all dermatologically tested and paediatrician approved. There’s also now a Childs Farm children’s show on television (Cartoonito channel) so when the boys saw these Childs Farm products they immediately recognised the branding and were keen to try!

childs farm childrens bath products

We tried out the bubble bath, the 3 in 1 swim and the hair detangler. There are lots more products available in their wide range too – shampoo, conditioner, hand wash and hand and body lotion. Hair detangler is always a really handy product for us with Mr R’s crazy curls and this worked well for him. The bubble bath makes plenty of bubbles and the children enjoyed using it.

Nasal Guard

Nasal Guard Cold&Flu BLOCK is non greasy, odourless gel that uses a slight electrostatic charge to block viruses from entering the body. I was impressed with how easy this is to apply and that it’s a totally new idea I’d never heard of before. So far we have all stayed healthy since the boys have been back at school. I can’t guarantee whether that is down to the Cold&Flu block, but it can’t be doing any harm so I’m always happy to use something as an extra precaution. When Mr Z first started reception two years ago I found it so true what people say that as soon as children start school they tend to catch every single bug that’s going around! I had thought that since we had attended lots of playgroups and children’s centres since he was little that this wouldn’t happen – but how wrong I was! I just hope Mr T won’t come down with so many colds and flus too now that he has started reception.

cold & flu block to prevent colds and flusPreventative sounds like a much better idea to me than waiting until the children get ill and taking all the measures to help them feel better, if there’s a chance of reducing the suffering they get when not feeling well then that always sounds like a good idea to me. The Cold & Flu block comes in a small pack but lasts very well with 150 applications.

The Cold & Flu block can be bought from Boots.

Have you tried any new family health or bath time products lately? Let me know your recommendations in the comments!

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