Plastic Bottle Ghost Craft for Halloween

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These plastic bottle ghosts are so easy to make, and can be used in a few different ways. Make a whole set and use them for a bowling game, or use this design to decorate drinks for your Halloween party.

They’re quick and easy to make with kids, and you’ll only need a couple of supplies.

Plastic bottle ghost craft easy Halloween idea for kids. Use them for a skittles game or to decorate drinks for a Halloween party

Supplies for your Plastic Bottle Ghosts

  • Plastic bottles – Rescue some from the recycling bin – or if using them for a Halloween party, decorate the full bottles of drinks that you’ll be serving at the party. It will work just as well for 2 litre soda bottles, or for smaller individual water bottles
  • Duct tape – You’ll need white and black

You’ll also need scissors and for the eyes and mouth, and any other rounded shapes, it can be easier to stick your tape down onto paper and then cut – so if you chose to use that method you’ll also need glue dots to stick those pieces down.

Since the tape will be covering the entire bottle, you don’t really even need to take the label off first. Just make sure the inside is all cleaned out and you’re good to go.

supplies for duck tape plastic bottle ghost

How to Make A Recycled Plastic Bottle Ghost Craft For Halloween

Start by cutting strips of the white tape and using them to cover the entire surface of the bottle. Kids will love to do this (my lot love duck tape!) – encourage them to put the tape on in straight lines. There may be a little wrinkling, but this doesn’t matter especially for a ghost design! Make sure that you don’t leave any gaps. A little over lap is better.

making a plastic bottle ghost

Once the entire bottle is white, you’re ready to add your ghostly face details. We cut out two eyes and a wide open mouth using the paper method I mentioned and then stuck them down with glue dots.

Ta da… plastic bottle ghost finished! Wasn’t that easy?

plastic bottle ghost easy halloween craft for kids

Look out for more spooky Duck tape crafts coming soon!

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