Casdon Pirate Island Woodplay Boxset

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Casdon have a new range of wooden toy boxsets that combine traditional wooden toys with portability. We were sent the pirate island box set to try out, and really liked the concept of these self contained sets.

Casdon Pirate Island Woodplay Boxset

As you can see here, the set folds out on either side to revel a pirate themed play are and comes complete with 2 pirate wooden figures, a bridge, a raft, a cave, a boat, a treasure chest, a cannon and a crocodile.

When you’re not playing you can store all of these inside the box to keep everything tidy, and both sides attach to the main base of the unit via a small wooden peg with elastic attached. Once all closed up, your child can carry it around with the handle which makes it really handy for taking on the go to family and friends houses or to pack to take on holiday.

Casdon Pirate Island Woodplay Boxset

The inside of the box has an upstairs area and some small sections which R wanted to use as a jail for some of the pirate characters.

Casdon Pirate Island Woodplay Boxset

This set is great if you have limited space, since wooden toys can often be quite large so this is a great solution for that. All of the pieces are strong and sturdy as you would expect from a wooden range and are brightly painted with plenty of detail.

Casdon Pirate Island Woodplay Boxset

These little sets are great for imaginative play and story telling. My 4 year old R enjoyed playing with this and I think the range would suit children from around 2-5 years old, and would make a great gift since they are so portable and compact.

Casdon Pirate Island Woodplay Boxset

The Casdon wood play box set range includes

  • Train
  • Castle
  • Pirate Island
  • Dolls house
  • Fairy house
  • Beach villa
  • Barn

See the full range of Casdon woodplay boxsets here

Buy the Casdon Pirate Island Woodplay Box set from Amazon here (RRP £25.00)

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  1. I really love wooden toys. They seem to last so much better than plastic tat. They’re so well made. These playsets look great, will take a look for ideas for Christmas #ToyTuesday

  2. This set looks great and I love the fact that it all packs away together we have lots of wooden sets that are scattered across the playroom!
    Thanks for joining in #ToyTuesday


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