Planning A Memorable Wedding When You Have Children

The average age for having a child is now younger than that for marriage, as found in a report by the National Marriage Project. This means that many couples planning a wedding may be used to the pitter patter of little feet in their home – and the chance for children to be involved in the preparation, ceremonies and festivities. From celebrating a romantic engagement right through to enjoying a wedding reception with little ones joining in, how can you ensure your children play a role in some of the most memorable moments of your big day?

A Meaningful Engagement

Engagements have become considerably more creative (and communal) than in years gone by, with some partners relying on tools like videos, flashmobs, and even helicopter rides to add a ‘wow! factor’ that makes their engagement stand out from traditional proposals. Children can be involved in this moment in many ways. Older kids who are talented photographers, for instance, may wish to capture the moment on their GoPro or smartphone, while younger ones can simply join in the choreography, help choose a romantic proposal song, and of course, help you select the engagement ring. When it comes to rings, the array of possible choices ranges from traditional diamond solitaires to colourful designs bearing pink and yellow diamonds, emeralds, rubies or sapphires. Actress Emma Stone recently chose a vintage style for her engagement ring, featuring a stunning central pearl and diamond accents. Children are known for their creativity and love of colour, so they will surely encourage you to think out of the box when it comes to wedding jewellery.

DIY Décor And Wedding Favours

Sustainable weddings are one of the hottest trends in the industry, with brides and grooms opting for flower pots (instead of cut flowers), sustainable tableware (made of sustainable materials such as bamboo), and upcycled table décor. Children can help you create a one-off piece for each table – think painted glass jars, colourful candles, and of course, wedding favours. Just a few projects they can work on to give away to guests include homemade jam in glass vintage jars (plastic should be avoided), crocheted or sewn mementos, and herb-infused bottles of olive oil. Your children can even help you create cute eco tree kits or tree seed gift boxes that guests can then plant, symbolising the new life and growth that your wedding has brought to your and your children’s lives and serving as a long-term reminder of your special day.

Little Stars

Children can also play various roles at your wedding reception. They can stand by the guest book and ask guests to sign, help guests work out their table settings, and take photographs,. Children who love singing, dancing, and otherwise entertaining guests can plan a short program to entertain guests and add personal, meaningful moments to the celebration. They can perform right after the first dance with the groom, which takes place relatively early in the celebration, so they don’t feel too tired.

If you’re getting married and you have children, they may wish to be part of the event by putting their best talents to use. These can range from creative pursuits to organisational ones. Children can select from making favours, making a wedding playlist, or even performing. Let your children be your guide in terms of the extent to which they wish to play a role in one of the most important days of your life.

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