Essential Holiday Travel Tips For Solo Travels

People who get to travel alone for the very first time often describe the trip as a sort of religious pilgrimage. It’s a chance for them to take in new sightings unfiltered by the preferences of a demanding companion, prejudices, preferences, or tastes. A solo trip provides you with a chance to indulge yourself along the way without worrying about hurting anyone.

But this isn’t to mean that solo travel doesn’t have its perils:

  • The dreadful single supplement
  • Loneliness
  • and safety concerns, especially when visiting a new place for the first time


However, a little common sense and preparation can not only help get you through the rough sections but also save you some money. If planning a solo trip over the holiday season, Shift has got you covered with a set of tips to guarantee an eventual trip.


  1. Safety First


As mentioned above, one of the leading concerns for any person travelling alone is safety! Although it’s important to be cautious, your concerns shouldn’t hinder you from exploring the next location on your adventure list. Making sure you choose the right destination will, without a doubt, make a ton of difference.

Before you head out, you need to note there are places that are suitable for solo travel, and there are those that aren’t. Apart from making sure your friends and family are notified of your whereabouts at all times, you also need to get yourself a travel insurance policy. You can provide peace of mind for those back at home by joining apps such as Find My Friends.


  1. Save Up for the Trip


There’s nothing more fulfilling than coming back home from a trip abroad knowing that the trip is fully paid for and that you don’t have to worry about catching up on your finances. The trick is to start saving up for the trip a few months in advance. It’s best to enjoy the delayed gratification than to spend blindly and face the consequences on your return.

If you are a regular traveller, you can start saving for the next trip as soon as you return home. Not sure how to do it? Why not read books and articles on ‘how to save money for travel?’


  1. Get a Backpack

Proper packing will also help in storing it safely in luggage storage facilities in the destination cities. For example, if you are flying to Lisbon for a single day, you can look for luggage storage lisbon on the internet and store your luggage while you take a tour of the city. 

One of the foremost items every solo traveller needs in their arsenal is a lightweight multi-utility backpack. Choose a compact one having numerous hidden pockets that will enable you to carry all your essential items regardless of where you are going. The hidden pockets help to do away with the worry of having your items stolen while on foreign land.

Ideal backpacks should be 22L/ 32L/ 38L/ 40L or any other size you think may fit all your items with ease. Considering something that is strong and with easily accessible pockets will ensure you won’t have to unpack the bag every time you need to reach for something.


  1. Choose Your Accommodations Carefully


When creating your travel itinerary, ensure you also plot where to stay during the period you will be in each area. While many travellers will recommend choosing budget motels and hotels to minimize the travel costs, you also need to consider the security arrangements. Remember you are travelling alone, and as such, are in charge of your security.

An ideal accommodation ought to:


  • Have a twenty-four-hour front desk person who is in charge of checking in the hotel guests
  • singular rooms where you will spend the night (try to avoid shared hostel rooms if you can afford it)
  • have a safe where you can place all your documents and other precious items for safekeeping during your stay.


  1. Consider the Local Languages


Consider the number of languages you can speak with ease, and ask yourself which countries or parts of the world speak those languages. For example, it doesn’t make sense to make a solo trip to Russia if the only language you know is English! You have to consider whether the locals in your preferred destination can speak your language.

Try to pick destinations where the locals can speak and comprehend English. While not all countries have English as their first destination, there are lots of places where you will get along just fine. Knowing that the people you will encounter along the way can understand you will help relieve a lot of stress.




Solo travel allows you to embrace total freedom, especially in this Christmas holiday season. It’s an opportunity for you to go to places where you wouldn’t have gone, were you travelling with another person. Nevertheless, there is also a need for you to do enough preparation and to research all the places you intend to visit. Also, make sure to check whether there are travel warnings advising against visiting the countries. 

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