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Since we’ve just got back from a trip to France, enjoying some French themed treats back here in the UK is a great way to keep us in the holiday mood and brighten up our day. As my 6 year old announced during our trip “everything tastes good in France!” and Brioche Pasquier products are no exception.

briochepinWe were sent a hamper of Brioche Pasquier products to enjoy as part of an Autumn picnic and they were a hit with all the family. We tried the traditional sliced brioche loaf and also the new Pitch milk chocolate brioche that come individually packed and are really handy for kids.

Both products are ideal for picnics and packed lunches and can be eaten on the go, or used in a variety of recipes to add some more excitement and luxury to your picnic. With my kids, I tend towards the simple and they loved the milk chocolate brioche pitch along with a selection of fruit, some cheese and juice – you couldn’t get a quicker and easier picnic!

brioche2Now that Autumn is here and the weather is getting colder, we often do indoor picnics. Spreading a cloth on the living room floor and laying out the picnic spread can be a great way to inject a bit of fun into meal times, and offers a great way for the family to share in the meal together – chatting and eating and laughing together.

Ideas for a super simple kid friendly picnic

  • Sliced Brioche with jam, chocolate spread, or topped with banana


  • Milk Chocolate Brioche Pitch
  • Selection of fruits – grapes, strawberries, apples, mango – whatever you have to hand. To stay in the Autumn season, we love little oranges with celery on the top to make a mini “Pumpkin”


  • Yoghurts or fruit puree pouches
  • Mini cheeses. Cottage cheese is also great if they like it.
  • Cut your brioche slices into shapes with cookie cutters, (or a pop chef) or go all out and make creative themed sandwiches using your brioche slice in place of bread

For lots of ideas of what to include in a healthier lunch, check out this list with a 31 day lunch meal plan. There are plenty of ideas that can be included in the picnic, especially for the parents.

For some more sophisticated picnic ideas for your brioche loaf, why not try some of these delicious brioche recipes

What’s your favourite way to eat brioche, and what are your picnic must-haves? Let me know in the comments!

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