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All of my boys love construction play, whether with large or small bricks, junk modelling, or any other material they can get hold of to build with! We recently tested out the Lite Wars Lite Brix set which is a “super light building system” – a really fun construction toy aimed at children 6+. The set is made up of small bricks that are compatible with other leading brands like Lego and has the added feature of flashing lights. This adds an extra sensory dimension to the play and really attracted the attention of the younger boys too.

Building with Lite Brix. These awesome bricks are compatible with Lego, and they light up and flash - so cool! Adds an extra visual sensory element to Lego play

The set we received is Lite Wars Slayer Jet Vs Capt Bolt’s Bunker which includes one large space craft to build and a smaller “bunker” in addition to two light up mini figures.

litebrix2Mr Z (6) was able to follow the instruction booklet and complete the building, although I did sit alongside him to offer any help needed. The instructions are very clear and offer the full step by step so for children age 6+ it should be manageable. For some parts, you need to be careful that other bits don’t break off while building but overall it’s fine.

The set includes:

  • 1 Lite Brix
  • 87 brick blocks
  • 8 special shaped parts
  • 2 lite up figures
  • 1 mini LED battery power pack
  • 1 decal sheet
  • instructions

The batteries are included within the 2 lite up figures, but you do need 3AAA batteries for the battery pack which makes the space craft light up. To replace any of the batteries you need to unscrew so they won’t come out accidentally during play, and all of the light up parts have an on / off switch to preserve batteries.

litebrix5Once built, the power cord from the battery pack should be plugged into any open Lite Brix port and this will switch on the lights. Due to plenty of translucent bricks in the building of the slayer jet, the whole thing appears lit up and it gives a great effect.

The figures are turned on separately through a simple switch on their front. Mr R really loved this, and was fine playing with them with supervision. They are small, and the body parts do come off separately (limbs, head) so just be aware of that with younger children. For me it would be better if the figures were just fixed in one piece, as I didn’t see much need for them to come apart. It would allow the child to switch their limbs between them though, if they wanted to but I see the potential for limbs getting lost. This is just a minor thing though, overall we love this toy.

litebrix7Once the set has been built, this toy offers plenty of imaginative play and kept all three children occupied together for quite some time. Soon enough the “slayer jet” was dismantled and their own unique vehicles and creations were built with the Lite Brix, which is fine by me – they have the instructions to build it back up whenever they like! Like Lego, these bricks offer the ability to be very creative and make whatever they like. I will be having a go with them myself, the addition of the flashing lights really grabs your attention and you can’t resist being drawn to them whatever your age!

litebrix6 The quality of the bricks is good, and with an RRP of 19.99 this seems like great value to me. The boys have mixed and matched some of these bricks already with other brands we have – Lego, the mini Megabloks and their WWE stackdown

There are lots more Lite Brix sets available too, to appeal to all children’s interests. See more Lite Brix on Amazon here (affiliate).

This is a super toy, which has a “cool” factor to appeal to kids, as well as helping to develop fine motor skills, following instructions, and imaginary play. Lite Brix offers a great twist on a classic brick construction toy and I would definitely look out for more sets to add to our collection.

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