We have been having lots of fun over the past few weeks with Bubble Buster Kazoo from Drumond Park. This is an active game perfect for outdoors play during the summer. All children seem to love bubbles and my children are no different, so I was really keen to see what they made of Bubble Buster Kazoo.

Drumond Park Bubble Buster Kazoo Bubble Buster Kazoo comes in a small box and includes a pack of bubble liquid, the bubble blowing kazoo and a tray to fill with the bubble liquid, and a battery powered bubble buster that counts each bubble as it is popped.

The aim of the game is to be the one who pops the most bubbles! The bubble buster talks and will announce the start of “Player 1” and “Player 2″‘s turns and then count the amount of bubbles that each player can pop within a set time period, before announcing the winner.

The pinging wand requires two AAA batteries which are not included but very easy to quickly fit into the wand.

The kazoo makes sounds as you blow the bubbles which also adds to the fun of the game.

Bubble Buster Kazoo great summer game for kidsThe boys were immediately interested in the bubble busting wand and found it great fun to wave it around while popping the bubbles. It has a friendly face on the front and is pretty cute. The sound quality of the wand’s counting is all clear and loud enough.

bubble buster kazoo wandTo start the game you simply press the small blue button shown above, the red light will turn on and the wand will be ready to count the bubbles.

bubble buster kazooThe bubble liquid is poured into the shallow tray provided to make it easy to blow bubbles using the kazoo provided, rather than a bubble wand. This may be easier for some children, and most would love to hear the sounds being blown at the same time as their bubbles! The kazoo provides a decent amount of bubbles, and they are of a medium size. You will need to refill the tray a few times while playing if you want to keep going for several rounds as my boys did.

bubblebuster8They were all keen to have a turn with the Kazoo, although they need to work on their technique a little bit to get more bubbles each time.


bubblebuster5Bubble blowing is great for oro motor skills and as these kazoos work differently than normal bubble wands its great for them to have some variety in this.

Bubble Buster Kazoo is a 2 player game, and as many of you might know I do have three children, so the way we got around this was really to make the game less competitive and just to take turns and let each child have their turn with the wand and see how many they could catch but without strictly keeping score against one another. I preferred this anyway as I find they have so much fun together with bubbles that it doesn’t need to be made too competitive. For that reason I actually think this game can work very well even with just one child, as long as they have a parent to blow the bubbles for them while they catch.

This activity is a fun way to keep active in the garden over the summer as the children will be racing around madly trying to catch their bubbles, running and jumping to get as many as they can. It also gives an opportunity to talk about numbers, with basic counting and thinking about who has more, or how many more do they need catch to have the most. It’s not complex maths but it can help to keep some numeracy skills ticking over during summer if you casually ask a few questions about the scoring as they are playing!

Bubble Buster Kazoo is one of the most affordable games from Drumond Park with an RRP of only £9.99. It’s definitely a handy game to have to keep the children active and entertained over the summer holidays. The game is available from many shops including Amazon (affiliate)

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