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MoneySuperMarket have another competition running to “Phota Your Mota“. I am very last minute as it closes tomorrow but I really wanted to take part in this one! The winner will win ยฃ1,000 towards car insurance costs which would come in so handy as I have my driving test on Monday, so if I pass (pleaaaaseee God I am desperate! :D) then it will definitely increase our family car insurance costs by adding me on as a newly qualified driving!

The picture I have chosen is this snap of our youngest two boys in our first car. I have written all about this car before, so have a read here – First Car Stories: Our Beloved Honda!

Honda Accord greenMy husband only took his driving test within the last two years, as living in central London we had never really needed a car. Now that we are in Zone 5 it has become more of a necessity. We don’t have this car any longer as we have had to upgrade to a larger model, but we have such fond memories of it as this is the car which gave us our first taste of freedom – getting behind the wheel and going wherever we want!

This picture was taken very soon after buying the car, and looking at it just brings back all the memories of the excitement we had of our very own car! As you can see the kids were quite excited to explore being behind the wheel too!

When I look back at early pictures of our first car, like this, I don’t just see a picture of a car, I see and remember all the adventures it enabled us to have!

To others its just a picture of an old Honda, not even particularly desirable or up to date but looking at this picture I see beyond that. I see…

First trips to the seaside..

baby at the seaside
He did have a hat, he just kept taking it off!!

… to the water park…

water park Aldenham Country Park – Our first ever family outing in the car!

They have a Winnie the Pooh woods, pretty cool – I would recommend it ๐Ÿ˜€

On this trip, I remember towards the end of the day it suddenly started raining so hard, just out of the blue! Everyone in the park started rushing towards their cars to shelter from the rain. We felt so smug and pleased with ourselves, like “Check us out, we too have a car and can shelter from the rain :D” That car really did serve us well!

This is my entry for the MoneySuperMarket Phota Your Mota competition, and I am tagging my 3 favourite bloggers – Red Rose Mummy, Et Speaks From Home and The Brick Castle in case they would like to take part too.

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