Cable & Cotton – New lights for Mr R’s room

Cable & Cotton string lights are one of the loveliest products I have seen in a while! I had spotted them a couple of months ago and really liked the look of them, so when I had the chance to try some for Mr R’s room naturally I grabbed it with both hands 😀

I have been trying to put some finishing touches into his room lately, as we had left it looking unloved for far too long. I have been rearranging the furniture, cleared the clutter and added a few lovely extra touches so the room looks much better. I will be doing a full post of the whole room make over soon, but for now I just want to tell you about these lights!

Cable & Cotton do light strings with small bulbs encased in round colourful cotton balls. It’s a simple idea but it works so well, they look gorgeous! There are ready made colour combinations, or if you prefer you can make your own.

For Mr R’s room, I wanted a colour combination that reflected the other colours in his room and worked well for a baby boy’s nursery. I liked the Seasalt colour scheme as it had quite a few of the shades I wanted to choose, but wasn’t sure about black being included in a baby’s nursery so I decided to create my own so that I could have the slight adjustments I wanted.

cable and cotton screenshot
Screen shot of the choose your own process

I went for every shade of blue, and then some white too for variety and to keep it light. This was:

  • Sky Blue
  • Prussian Blue
  • Chinese Blue
  • Dusty Blue
  • Marine Blue
  • Pale Blue
  • Pure White

I think the effect of variations on the same colour looks really effective.

When the lights arrive, you will get a box with the light string and the balls are separate. You need to add them on yourself, just by pushing each light through each ball. This is so that you have full control of what order and pattern of colours that you would like. It is pretty easy to do, I did worry with a couple of them whether it would be okay to push the lights through so hard, but in the end it was fine. From what I noticed, the darker coloured balls are a fraction stronger than the lighter ones. I did have to be the most careful with the pure white and the pale blue cotton balls when inserting the lights.

cableandcottonbox The cotton balls look really nice even before the lights are turned on, their texture is really appealing and you can see all the detail of the thread. It’s quite reminiscent of balls of wool! That means they do look nice hanging on the wall or around the home even when the lights are switched off.

Here is Mr R’s light string switched on, and really my pictures can’t do it justice. They do look really beautiful.

cablecottonfloorThe lights are now up on the wall in his room (I have bought some tiny adhesive hooks to stick to the wall, which is holding them up fine) and they make a brilliant effect when they are switched on in a darkened room. Mr R has been having them on at bedtime and he seems to love looking at them from in his cot, it must be quite a relaxing atmosphere to fall asleep to! When he goes into his room now, as soon as he goes in he points to behind the chest of drawers were the plug socket is, because he wants me to turn these lights on for him!

beautiful lights cable and cotton

I just love these because they are quite different and have such beautiful colours. They also do big lamps, and I fancy one of these for my own room because our light fitting is awful and one of these would be so much nicer to wake up to first thing in the morning. I fancy pale pink as I couldn’t get that for Mr R’s room!

pale pink cable cotton

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