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With the arrival of the World Cup, Mr Z’s interest in football has really peaked lately. Although he always enjoyed playing with his school friends, he’s now really getting into it and enjoying watching the matches and following the tournament. I’m sure the World Cup is having the same effect on lots of other kids up and down the country.

We were recently sent a personalised football book from Penwizard which is perfect for using his football enthusiasm to help encourage more reading.

personalised football book from penwizardThis is the first time we’ve tried a personalised book from Penwizard and we are pretty impressed with the result. You have the option to choose the name of the child (both first and last name are featured in the football book) and the team that they wish to play for which is great. I like that they haven’t just presumed every child would like to play for England, although that’s the team we have chosen and I’m sure its probably the most popular choice. If you wanted to put your local team rather than the national team, or to put the team of another country then you are able to do that and to chose the suitable coloured football strip to go alongside that.

You also get to customise the appearance of the child with details like their hair style, hair colour and skin tone. Other characters like the team manager can be customised in the same way, and two extra names can be added in for other team players so we added Mr T and Mr R’s names in so that they could be included as a team mate for Mr Z.

penwizard personalised books reviewThe story tells of how the child had entered a competition to become the team mascot, and won. They are there to support the team during the big game, but after half time they get selected to come on the pitch and actually play alongside the team, and go on to score the winning goal! It’s exactly the type of situation that many football loving children would be dreaming of!

Mr Z was really interested in this book, and has been reading it often since it arrived. He keeps it by his bed every day!

It’s a lovely book and would make a great gift for any football enthusiast. Even though England has already dropped out of the world cup, that’s not stopped Mr Z from still enjoying the book, although he does chop and change on a daily basis which team he is currently supporting!

book about footballMr Z is almost 6 and the level of reading in the book is fine for him. I would say its ideal for a 6 year old child to read by themselves, and a younger child would still enjoy the story if a parent can read it to them. It would make a great bedtime story to send them off to sleep with dreams of becoming a football champion!

This personalised football book is A4 sized and has 24 full colour pages with plenty of illustrations alongside the story. It is available from Penwizard and is currently on offer for 9.99

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