Pandemic Impact on University Students in the UK

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By Luciana Oliveira

When COVID-19 first hit, it sent shockwaves all across the country, engulfing thousands of locals in its shackles. As the illness spread, authorities were forced to put sanctions on things previously deemed normal. From lockdowns to curfews a lot was imposed. Naturally, this had a direct impact on people from all walks of life. Businesses went out of work and a lot of people were forced to dip into their savings to survive. 


Needless to say, the pandemic has significantly affected the population without discrimination. Among everyone, students continue to be one of the most vulnerable groups. The UK hosts hundreds of well-reputed universities with students from different parts of the world. Some live in college dorms or rent their own apartments depending on the budget. However, with coronavirus wreaking havoc, universities completely shifted online in 2020. On-site classrooms had to be closed which ultimately made staying on campus premises a wasted expense.

After all, why would anyone spend thousands of dollars just to quarantine themselves when they can simply move back home and attend university from their laptop? Thus, COVID-19 prompted thousands of students to scour for flights and crowd airports just to return to their hometowns.bThis might sound straightforward but it’s not. In fact, the effects of the pandemic are still considerably pervasive even though thousands of vaccines are being administered every single. Yet students still find themselves fighting the same ordeal.

Colleges have started opening up for those who are vaccinated but it isn’t as simple as that. Students have to book accommodations once again, and somehow find a way to return to life on campus after staying home for over a year. Not to mention how hard it is for international students. Some countries are still not allowing outbound flights which is understandably one of the biggest hurdles. These travel restrictions are adding to the burgeoning load of Stress College students are grappling with every single day.

The worst part is that with parents losing their jobs, the need for extensive student loans is expanding. This is particularly true for students who only recently gave their A-level exams.

COVID -19 and dwindling mental health

The pandemic has caused some serious displacement across all factions of society. However, its impact on student mental health has been unforgiving. Regardless, college and university students have always been the most prone to mental health problems in the modern century. 

Depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder – all of these and more have long been heralded as the top disorders in young adults. Studying at college is stressful as is, you have to manage the academic workload, hunt for jobs, and make sure your GPA doesn’t fall. Now, add a deadly infection to the mix, and it turns into a recipe for disaster.

Not only do young adults have to worry about managing their personal life but also stress over leaving family members alone back home. Everybody knows that older individuals are at greater risk of falling ill. Needless to say, extended exposure outside or contact with infected surfaces posits a significant threat. And amid all the chaos, university students are deprived of the one thing that might take the edge off – social interaction. While the lockdown has been lifted, for the most part, things still aren’t the same as they used to be.             

Naturally, isolation can aggravate mental health problems, plunge productivity and consequently also, negatively impact grades. To top it off, the need to always sanitise and social distance when one is in public doesn’t make it easy. As a response to these circumstances, more students are now seeking online therapy than ever before. Universities have introduced alternative study methods and lowered grade thresholds considering how students already have a lot on their plate. 

The ordeal of returning to university in COVID-19

Moving back to campus is being viewed as an overwhelming experience in 2021. It’s not just about leaving home and settling back into the dorm. Rather, the uncertainty surrounding coronavirus is what makes everything exceptionally hard. Students have to take all the stuff they own back to their apartments but finding a big enough accommodation isn’t always easy. In fact, as more and more people rush to book apartments, students in the UK are now struggling to get their hands on single-person spaces.

Surely, living with a roommate in a cramped-up dorm is out of the picture. That said, alternative methods are becoming ragingly popular, and more people are looking for self storage deals in COVID-19 than ever before. With companies like SSO and STORED, renting out extra space is an ideal solution. Nobody knows if universities will shut down again and in such a case, having to take everything back home is an unnecessary hassle.

Instead, students can simply pay reliable facilities to keep their belongings safe if the need arises. For those who choose STORED or SSO, minimum contact is an evident advantage. These companies send their servicemen for pickups and returns. In that, the customer never has to handle the grunt work themselves. However, that’s not the best part. The reason why STORED and SSO provide the best self storage deals in COVID-19 is because of their affordable prices. Students can rent units of various sizes according to their needs and budget.

The prices for the smallest variety are under $100 for both companies and this is even topped with compelling student discounts of up to 15%! So, if you’re a student looking for cheap self storage deals in COVID-19, make sure you choose the right one. Just like a great storage units company can help you save money and ensure your convenience; an inexperienced one can do the exact opposite.

Understandably, you want to make the most of what’s at your disposal. Moving back and forth during the pandemic is incredibly stressful and your goal is to limit the hassle as much as you can. But don’t give up! Dealing with a pandemic is definitely overwhelming but it’s certainly not impossible.



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