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Our first daughter will be joining our family in the next couple of weeks, so I always enjoy the chance to do a little browsing and have a look at some of the gorgeous girly clothes that could be in our future. Special occasions are the perfect excuse to get everyone dressed up and invest in something a little bit fancier. I’ve been having a look at Palava, who do some really lovely dresses and outfits.


You may not have heard of Palava, but might recognise the style of the dresses as they’ve actually just rebranded from Bryony and Co – and before that, PoppyEngland. They had a bit of a palaver with having to keep changing their name, hence the new branding, but I think the name Palava suits them really well as it’s fun and a bit different – just like their clothes. You can read more about the name change situation here.

As you can see, I’ve picked out a few of my favourite dresses and outfits for girls. These would be fabulous for Christmas parties, family dinners or special trips out like to the theatre too, and of course would look gorgeous in any festive photos!

I can’t decide which I prefer – the dresses or the tutus and petticoats, so I’d be tempted to get one of each. There are always lots of occasions for dressing up over the festive season – you could have one Christmas and one for New Years.

A couple of my favourites are….

This Margaret Christmas dress in red (65.00). I love the red and gold colour scheme, which is just classic Christmas!


This Martha Aunt Eva dress in Navy (66.00). I love the simplicity of this one, and the snowy scene at the bottom is such a fun and playful image.


This sparkly gold tutu (37.00). I can’t resist gold and sparkles, especially to liven up the dark winter days!


All of these are from the girls Christmas outfits range. Palava also do grown up dresses too, so if you fancy treating yourself as well then do have a browse through those styles as well!

Visit to check out all of the clothes

Which outfit is your favourite?

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