Mario Party Star Rush

Mario Party Star Rush is a new version of the popular multi player Mario Party games – but this time, it’s available on 3DS systems. Our family really enjoy playing Mario Party on the Wii U so I was really interested to see what Mario Party Star Rush on Nintendo 3DS would be like.


The game can be played by a solo player, or as a group and includes more than 50 minigames and 8 gameplay modes!

With the free Mario Party: Star Rush – Party Guest download software, Nintendo 3DS owners who don’t have the full game can join in all the multiplayer modes with someone who owns the full game, which is a great option to allow siblings to play together each on their own DS but without having to buy multiple copies of the game, or to allow visiting friends to take part in the game with their DSes too. There can be up to four players at once.

  • If everybody has a copy of Mario Party: Star Rush, you can play together in all modes via Local Play.
  • When just one player owns the full game, a limited number of modes are available for multiplayer fun via Download Play.
  • When only one player owns the full game, players who don’t own it can download the free Mario Party: Star Rush – Party Guest software from Nintendo eShop to play the full multiplayer experience – as if you were playing via Local Play! With this free download, you can even play some minigames in single-player mode.


Mario Party Star Rush offers a new approach to Mario Party with quicker play and simultaneous turns. In the new Toad Scramble mode, all players roll their dice and decide where to move at the same time – this means less waiting around for your turn, but also makes the game a little more challenging. For less confident gamers or younger players, I would say the Wii U Mario Party games like Mario Party 10 may be easier to follow but Mario Party Star Rush is great for on the go, or for more confident gamers like my eldest. It’s great to see this game available on 3DS, giving you the option of playing the multi player Mario Party games on a different platform, as the Mario Party games are some of our favourites!


In the game, you can choose between multiple boards and of course all of the well loved Mario characters are there! The game is also compatible with amiibo: tap a compatible amiibo in Toad Scramble and they’ll appear as a support character from the start, with a rare item too! And if your amiibo has save data from Mario Party 10 on Wii U, you can get another special die too

Watch the video here to see more of the game, or visit the Nintendo website

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