Organising a Getaway with the Kids

When we think of travelling the world, we tend to think of school leavers and uni students making the most of their relative freedom and heading off to places far and wide. We see their pictures plastered across our social media feeds and see them having a great time. When you have kids, travel can seem like a far off plan that doesn’t fit into the grand scheme of school runs, after school clubs, hobbies, and more.

Family life is great and you are going to have a lot more responsibilities. But it doesn’t mean you can’t travel too! There are plenty of different ways to incorporate holidays into your family life without things being a big deal and a lot of trouble and hassle. Travelling and hiking with kids are totally do-able if you just plan it right, and adjust your expectations. Here are just a few different steps you can take to simplify the process and land yourself a family holiday that you’ll all look on fondly for a lifetime!

Travelling at the Right Time

All of us are pretty familiar with travel agencies taking advantage of parents by hiking prices when the kids are off school. During half terms and other holidays, the price tag attached to vacations tends to soar. This is exploitative, but there don’t seem to be any signs of this changing. While it can be tempting to take kids out of school in order to save money, you do need to avoid doing this at all costs. In many places, it is illegal to let your kids take time off school if they are not unwell and you will find yourself incurring a whole host of fines and fees for doing so. You should also bear in mind that taking your kids away from class for even a week can stunt their progression and cause them to fall behind in several subjects. They’ll undergo stress trying to catch up when they return and this isn’t something that you should put your child through! A good way to avoid price hikes is to try booking well in advance. Prices can increase even more last minute. You should also keep an eye out for special deals and scoop them up as soon as they become available. This can help to manage costs!


When choosing a location to visit, make sure to check whether vaccinations are recommended before travelling to this place. It is recommended that you and your little ones receive certain vaccinations when travelling to certain destinations, especially if they are particularly far from home and in areas where certain illnesses or diseases are more common or prominent. You generally have to have these a set period of time before you travel in order for them to take effect before you head away, so check when you’re booking. You need to make sure there’s sufficient time between booking the flights and having the vaccinations done for them to take effect before you actually head away. At the end of the day, safety should always come first and you don’t want your children to become sick while away.

Consider a Staycation

Remember, you don’t always have to go overseas for a holiday. There are plenty of wonderful destinations closer to home that you could enjoy too! Staycations are on the rise for a good reason. You don’t need to worry about vaccines. You don’t have to head away too far. You probably already have all the clothes you need for the local climate. But you get to head away from day to day responsibilities and enjoy yourself too!

Book All-Inclusive Accommodation

When you’re travelling independently or with other adults, all-inclusive packages can seem like a waste of money. Chances are you’re not going to get through the amount of food and drinks that you’re actually paying for and you’ll probably want to head out to local restaurants and bars for your food and drinks. But when you have a family, all-inclusive package deals can be a lifesaver. Children seem to get through a never ending amount of food, drinks, ice creams and more while they’re away and being able to get this food on demand can be a huge money saver and a whole lot more convenient than trekking back and forth to stores. All-inclusive accommodation also tends to be part of a complex where you have direct access to pools, entertainment and more. This will keep your kids occupied simply by stepping outside the door and heading to the pool. You can a great time together without having to pay for taxis or other transport to places outside of the resort. Plus, if you book a family friendly package, chances are there will be plenty of other families around who are happy for your little ones to run around and make all the noise they want. Your kids will probably also make new friends while they are away! This is better for everyone involved!

Plan Days Out

Most kids will be able to entertain themselves given a pool or a beach and plenty of space to play and have fun. They’ll make sandcastles. They’ll dig holes in the sand. They’ll search for sea shells. They’ll play games. But it’s generally a good idea to book excursions or activities or days out where your kids can experience something a little different here and there. Days out are perfect for introducing your little ones to new places where they can experience new cultures. They’ll try new foods, hear new languages, see new scenery, and maybe even spot some unfamiliar local wildlife. This will stir their imaginations, stimulate their minds, and open their eyes to the world! You can also often find plenty of fun and active days out that will give them plenty to talk about when they get home and memories that they will be able to hold onto for a lifetime! Generally speaking, it’s best to have guided tours when you have little ones. This prevents you from getting lost and ensures there’s someone to let you know that wherever you’re heading is safe and family friendly. Something like a Nepal tour package would work perfectly!

Top Up Your Little Ones’ Sunscreen

If you’re heading to a warm or sunny destination, it’s highly advised that you wear plenty of sunscreen. But when it comes to kids, this is an absolute essential. Sunburn can be a highly unpleasant condition to experience and if your little ones become burnt, not only is it detrimental to their overall health and wellbeing, but they will experience pain and discomfort. Chances are that they won’t enjoy the trip and will be unhappy. Kids tend to have more sensitive skin than adults, so it’s always best to be safe rather than sorry and choose the highest sun protection factor you can find. Apply this before leaving your accommodation and make sure to top it up regularly throughout the day. If your little ones are going to be going into the water – whether that’s a dip in the pool or a swim in the sea – remember that standard sunscreen washes off and will not protect them during their time in the water or once they get back out of the water. Make sure to buy waterproof cream. These won’t wash away and will give longer lasting protection for your little water babies. You can also get sunscreen lip balms to protect sensitive areas like their lips!

Remember Sunglasses

Many of us forget to protect our eyes when we head out into the sun. But UV rays can significantly impact or vision for the worse. It’s absolutely essential that you bring UV protectant sunglasses for your little ones when you head away and that you encourage your kids to wear them as much as possible!


As a last measure to protect your kids against the sun, you may want to consider sun hats. It’s often difficult to apply sunscreen to your little ones’ heads, as their hair may get greasy or mat with the cream. But you also don’t want to risk a burnt scalp. Sunhats come in perfectly useful for this situation. They protect your little one’s scalp and they can also shield the sun from their eyes too – which is perfect all round!

Avoid Going Out at Midday

It may seem like we’re overly pushing sun protection, but it’s something that you should be prioritising. Midday is the point where the sun is at its highest in the sky and it’s consequently generally the hottest time of day. So, you should avoid taking your kids out around this time. Traditionally, in many countries where there’s a hot climate, people take a break or a nap when the heat is its highest, so this should be something you consider too!

Sure, planning a family holiday is highly likely to be stressful and you’re going to have to put a lot of planning into the process. But it’ll be more than worth the time, effort, and money once you’re actually there! Your little ones will enjoy themselves and you’ll create lasting family memories. Hopefully, the above advice will help you to organise it in as stress free a manner as possible and have the best time while you’re away!

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