What are the Best Ways to Dispose of Your Christmas Tree?

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Christmas is now just around the corner so people will naturally begin to make plans for the holiday season soon, but it is also important that you think about just after Christmas too. This is a time of year where families tend to create a lot of waste so you will want to make sure that you are disposing of everything properly. This includes your Christmas tree and there are a few good options for ways to dispose of this.

Burning Your Old Christmas Tree

You do not want to take the tree to landfill because this costs the taxpayer around £100 for every 40 trees and it will produce methane gas which is 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide. The Carbon Trust instead recommends burning the tree which will only release the carbon monoxide that it stored when it was growing.

Replant Your Christmas Tree

If your Christmas tree came with a pot then you might want to consider replanting it in your garden which is a good idea as it is eco-friendly and it means that you save money on a tree for next year. You could also add bird feeders to attract and provide shelter for wildlife.

Recycle Your Christmas Tree

Services like The First Mile allow you to recycle your Christmas tree which can be picked up from your own home. The trees are then mulched into compost for local farmers and for gardeners which ensures that the trees are not just for Christmas and are used for a good cause.

You will find that many charities will happily accept Christmas trees after the holidays and they can be used for any number of different reasons. They are often used as flood barriers but can also be used at animal shelters for a range of purposes.

DIY Crafts

You could also use the tree at home for a range of DIY crafts. You could use slices of the trunk to make coasters or garden bed edging, to make ornaments or for compost to extend its use.

These are the best ways to get rid of your Christmas tree after the holidays. This needs to be something that you carefully consider as it should not be sent to landfill, especially in a time where there is a large focus placed on being environmentally friendly. Christmas is a wonderful time of year but it can also be one which is wasteful if you are not careful which is why you must always plan and take steps to reduce your footprint.

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