Online Learning from the Comforts of Home is a Reality in the UK

If 2020 taught us one thing, it’s the importance of secure, robust Internet connectivity. When societal structures are turned on their head, inventive ways of progressing must be sought out. Certain countries are better positioned than others for this paradigm shift. For many, economic enterprise alone is seen as the bedrock of a country’s success. But is it really?

All that economic activity is impossible if the factors of production, including human capital are unable to advance their education in a meaningful way. Fortunately, here in Blighty, online learning is something that is readily available to most learners. And the UK has the crème de la crème of online learning programs in the world. 

School closures put paid to the notion that conventional education, at primary school, high school, or university level could continue unabated. According to data research from Preply The United Kingdom is in a particularly enviable situation since 97.1% of students across the country have access to a computer at home. With some 4281+ online education courses available across the UK, our island nation is leading in a big way. 

E-Learning is alive and well and it’s helping to stave off an educational catastrophe. Consider emerging market economies across Africa, Latin America, and parts of Asia where online learning is a pipe dream. The widespread closure of educational institutions is creating a massive void that will take years to rebuild. These are known as the lost years, and they are particularly critical during the developmental and advanced stages of education.

Consider the following government stats about the United Kingdom’s education system:

  • There are 4,281+ online education courses across the UK, more than the combined total of European nations like France, Netherlands, Spain, and Germany.
  • The UK is the #4 ranked country in terms of government expenditure as a percentage of GDP (38%)

Despite Impressive Stats, there is Room for Improvement in The UK e-Learning System

Source: Surfshark Digital Quality of Life Index 2020

There are less flattering statistics about UK education, notably the average hourly salary offered to tutors in the United Kingdom is £14.60, which is substantially less than the average hourly salary offered to tutors in Denmark at £26.56, or in France at £17.17 per hour. In terms of Internet connectivity rankings per country, and Internet speed broadband capacity, the UK is at position #16. 

We are topped by a host of European, Australasian, and North American countries. The Internet broadband speed in the UK is just 67.2 Mb per second, while that of Norway at position #1 is 127.2 Mb per second. While the percentage of users having access to computers is high in the UK, it is slightly behind countries like Luxembourg, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Norway, and Denmark.

Fortunately, the United Kingdom ranks well above the worst countries in e-Learning, with Japan at #26, and Mexico at the bottom, with just 44.3% of Mexicans having access to private computers. This makes it all but impossible to have any effective nationwide e-Learning systems in place. While a country like Singapore has fantastic Internet quality, their e-Learning systems have not featured prominently on the top lists.

It’s safe to say that the UK has mastered online learning, and other nations can take a leaf out of our virtual books.

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