On Board the Family Fun Yacht Charter Holiday Tips for Families 

If you are looking for both an adventurous and relaxing family holiday then you might enjoy a family friendly yacht charter holiday. Enjoy making your own journey visiting bustling harbours, beautiful beaches and secluded coves. There are many different adventures to choose from. A yacht charter in Greece or perhaps Italy. Choosing a family yacht charter holiday is a great idea for those wanting a different and freedom filled holiday along the coast. 

What is a yacht charter holiday?

When you charter your own yacht, you give yourself absolute freedom but you are also going it alone. You can sail yourself if you are qualified, hire a skipper for your yacht or even hire a full crew if you want to leave the sailing to someone else. Choosing is yacht charter is perfect if you want to create your own itinerary and make changes on route. If you like somewhere you can stay a bit longer, you may want to leave somewhere earlier than planned or add an extra stop. You have control of your own holiday which is great when travelling with kids. 

Yacht charter holiday tips for families

Taking a yacht charter holiday as a family can take a lot of planning and preparation and you may not know what to expect. Here are a few tips for your family yacht charter holiday. 

Prepare the family for sailing

Before you go you will want to be prepared and there are a few things you should consider. First of all, you should bring plenty of sun cream. When you are on the boat all day the whole family will need plenty of sun protection especially younger children. You should also bring clothing suitable to cover yourselves up in the day to protect from the sun, and warmer clothing for keeping you warm at night. Hooded poncho towels are a great idea for children

If you have never been sailing before you should make kids aware of safety precautions and practice wearing life jackets before you arrive. Life jackets can be uncomfortable for children but they must get used to wearing them, as they are essential for your holiday. Explaining why and how to wear them, and asking them practising before you set sail will help them understand and get used to wearing them, try to make it fun too!

You should also think about what swimming equipment you will need. Swimming and snorkelling is a big part of a sailing holiday, especially as a family so you should have an idea about what you need before you go. Flotation aids and kids snorkels and flippers might be on your list of things to bring along with you to maximise fun during your down time.

Pack light

You need to remember that you won’t have very much space on board so you need to be quite selective which what you bring along. Packing light is essential for a yacht charter holiday as there are both space and weight restrictions on board.  You may be given guidelines by your tour operator or yacht provider about what you can bring aboard and what is included on the boat.

Make a list of the essentials that you will need on board. Think about your toiletries, things that you won’t be able to buy along route and things you need daily as a family. Then think about the clothes and footwear you will need during your trip. Separate the items into on board clothing and shore clothing, making sure you have clothing and comfortable footwear available for exploring the ports of call.

Using packing cubes can help to maximise your luggage is a great idea. You can separate your items into different categories and you can even choose waterproof versions to keep valuables safe and dry during your trip. They are great for storing used clothing separated from clean items too which means your laundry goes straight from the cube to the washing machine when you get home.  

Relax your routine

At home you may be used to a strict routine and with younger children this is usually more than likely. However, during your yacht charter holiday you must be prepared to sway from your normal routine at home. Holidays tend to be a time to relax routines, but when you are sailing it can change more dramatically that you might expect. 

Bedtime routines will change depending on the route and how long you are sailing and exploring the harbours and stops that day. Young kids may wake at different times as it can be a different type of sleep on a boat compare to anyone else. This is the same for mealtimes too as you might not always be able to plan when you are going to stop for lunch or dinner. A handy tip is to have some snacks, (preferably from home for homesick kids) available for grumpy children in case your meal times go awry.  

You should also be prepared for the whole family to me more tired than you usually would feel at home. All that exploring, swimming and sun can take its toll on both children and adults alike. Make sure you factor this in when you are making plans for things to do during your trip. 

Keep kids entertained on board

If you are sailing for long periods of time then you will want to plan on how to keep the family entertained during these stints. Of course, you will want to get the whole family involved in the sailing part, so you can use this time to teach the kids about the boat. But there are times when they will get bored and will need something else to keep them entertained. 

Some boats may have Wi-Fi on board which will keep teens and tweens entertained during down time. Just remember to protect electronics from the water and salt of you are bringing them aboard the yacht. You don’t want the phone to stop working half way through your trip. Books or an e-reader are also a good idea for the whole family. Power banks are a good idea for essential battery power back-ups whilst you are at sea.

Younger children will need a different sort of entertainment but small toys and books should be fine to bring along and not take up too much space in your luggage. Easy games such as card games and the like which include the whole family are a good idea too. And of course, you will have plenty of time for water activities such as snorkelling and swimming too. 

Are you planning a family yacht charter holiday? 

Here are just a few tips to help you to plan and enjoy your family yacht charter holiday. You are sure to have an amazing time on board if you plan and prepare you family in advance, pack light, relax your routine and make arrangements to keep everyone entertained on board. Then you can enjoy your sailing itinerary and destinations without any worry. Would you choose a yacht charter holiday for your next family trip? 

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