Review: Omron Gentle Temp 521 Digital Ear Thermometer

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omron gentle temp 521Last month, we were sent the Omron Gentle Temp 521 Digital Ear Thermometer for review. My children had not been unwell luckily, so we hadn’t had the chance to try it out until recently. As always in winter, the good health can’t last forever and now Mr Z has come down with a mild flu this week, and the others have a slight temperature too. Mr Z was very disappointed, as he ended up missing school on the day when we were supposed to go and watch him in his school Christmas show, because he was not well. We will have to look forward to seeing him next year instead!

As he had a temperature while feeling unwell, the digital ear thermometer was very handy to make sure that it had not gone up too high and to keep an eye on how he was getting on.

omron gentle temp 521The Omron Gentle Temp 521 is very easy, quick and simple to use. It has a fast 1 second measurement which is ideal with children who may get impatient especially when not feeling well. Mr Z is not too bad, but the other younger two children can be more wriggly so 1 second measurement is ideal.  It also has a backlight function, handy for taking temperatures at night without disturbing your child so much.

Mr Z did not find the Omron Gentle Temp Thermometer too uncomfortable in his ear, especially as it is over and done with so quickly.

As well as taking a temperature measurement from your child, you can also use this thermometer to find room temperature and surface temperature for example if you needed to check the temperature of a milk bottle. That is something which would have been quite useful for us when the boys were younger, especially Mr Z being the first baby this would have been really reassuring to have.

Here’s a quick overview of the product features and watch the video for more info too:

• Fast and accurate measurements

• 1 second measurement

• Probe covers

• Beeper

• Choice between Centigrade/Fahrenheit readings

• 3 digit display (1 decimal place)

• Button cell battery

• Automatic shut off

• 3 in 1 temperature measurement

• Backlight function

• Memory function: Stores up to 25 readings

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The Omron Gentle Temp 521 is available from Amazon, among other retailers:

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