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add warmth to a roomEarlier this week I was invited to take part in a blogger challenge with Homeserve, all about giving our homes a warm and cosy look over the winter. Even with the heating on full blast, if the home is plain and bare it can still end up looking and feeling a little cold.

I immediately knew which section of our living area needed to have a bit of warmth added to it, as I had a very plain bare wall in the middle of our living room and I have been wanting to inject a bit more warmth and life into this for quite a while – in fact since we moved in two years ago, but with one thing or another it hasn’t been done!

Here is my wall before hand. I think you can agree, it looks very plain and bare and is not so warm and welcoming.

need to add warmth to a roomThe sofa is very comfy, and it is a functional area with plenty of shelving and books, but it was just lacking personality and warmth in this section of the living room.

As a part of the challenge we were given a £50 gift card to B&Q so that we could buy some things to help us on our home warming mission. I straight away thought about getting something for the wall, as a splash of colour would definitely liven it up and add warmth. I also wondered about extra lighting but I think a standing floor lamp could be potentially a bit dangerous with 3 young boisterous boys rushing around in case they knocked into it. After browsing around a little I decided on this canvas which is the perfect colour scheme for the rest of the room and brings such warmth in as it has a sunset feel to it. I also added some cushions, and bought a small fibre optic lamp. This is a children’s Disney Planes lamp so it may not fit 100% with the decor but the colour lights are so vibrant and the boys love it. Their smiles and laughter are really the main thing which brings warmth to our home! My LED twinkling string lights also add a nice warm and cosy feel especially at this time of year.

add warmth to a room with accessoriesIt’s hard to capture the effect of the lights well on camera, but it looks so sparkly and welcoming. The overall effect is a massive change from the look of this space before!

Here to see the full effect, is my finished “made-over” corner on the left, and the full room on the right so you can see how it fits in.

living room final add warmth to a room with accessories and lighting

What do you think? I’m really impressed with how much change I have been able to make on a small budget and I’m looking forward to curling up on the sofa with a mince pie later on to enjoy the new cosy feel of the room!

This is an entry to the Homeserve Winter Blogger challenge – See the website for further info and T&Cs

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