Octonauts Gup-S Play Set review

The boys are big fans of the Octonauts and this week we’ve been trying out the new Octonauts Gup-S play set from Fisher-Price. It’s a great set with lots of features and plenty to keep them entertained and I’ve been pretty impressed with it.

Fisher-Price Octonauts Gup-S playset review


The Gup-S is a polar exploration vehicle which transforms into two different vehicles: the octo-sled and the octo-shuttle as you can easily detach the front to turn it into a separate octo-sled.

Octonauts Gup-S with detachable Octo-SledHere’s the Octo-sled detached and below you can see the Gup-S with the sled reattached. This is easy enough for the children to do themselves and not fiddly which is great, as otherwise the little ones can get frustrated (and that results in being asked to attach and reattach for them every few minutes! But luckily this is fine)

There are also two mini ski vehicles included, along with a Captain Barnacles figure in a cute snow suit, a narwhal and an ice berg which opens and closes so that you can store the narwhal inside.

octonauts gup-s playsetThe top of the Gup-S lifts up to reveal the creature warming tank which lights up when you press the red button on the side. The button also gives some Octonauts sound effects which are great, they include dialogue from the show in the characters voices and have quite a few varieties of phrases. When you attach or detach the Octo-sled it automatically makes a sound too, eg “Octo-Sled attached, nice work!”

octonauts gup-s light up creature warming tankThe light up effect of the creature warming tank is great, and even if the lid of the Gup-S is closed the light still shines through brightly. The boys loved pretending to rescue the Narwhal and putting him in the warming tank for safe keeping.

The treds which you can see at the bottom of the Gup-S in the picture below are moveable and can be positioned down like this, or folded up.

There are plenty of cool features with the Gup-S playset like the ice drill at the front of the Octo-Sled which turns around when you turn the steering wheel.

octonauts gup-s ice drillEach of the mini skis also has a tool and they are interchangeable if you wanted to mix them around

octonauts gup-s mini ski with captain barnaclesThe Octonauts Gup-S playset is great for imaginative play. It kept Mr R and Mr T entertained and happily playing together for quite a while and they have often returned to it each day. The pieces are pretty strong and well made so it looks like it will withstand plenty of play and everything is very true to the TV series, from the sound effects to the look of the characters. I love the little Captain Barnacles in his snow suit – he’s very cute!

Captain barnacles in snow suitWe would definitely recommend this set for any Octonauts fans. It’s perfect for around age 3-4 years and you can expand on the set by buying extra figures or other Gups  to go along side it. The Gup-S takes 3x AAA batteries, which come included.

You can buy the Octonauts Gup-S play set from many good toy shops including Smyths, Toys r us or Amazon

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