October Half Term Adventures

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There’s something magical about this time of year, along with the dark evenings and the chill in the air comes the excitement of fireworks, bonfires, pumpkins, and costumes. During half term, we decided to take a family trip up to Blackpool to see the illuminations and to ride the rollercoasters with the kids. Cold weather was not going to stop our fun!

We had such a lovely few days of family quality time. The boys are really into rollercoasters at the moment so they were in their element and particularly loved the newest Icon rollercoaster which they rode a few times! I couldn’t be persuaded onto it myself although I did go on a couple of slightly tamer ones – that was thrilling enough for me!

That’s me in the middle with R, below. You can just about make us out as we were whizzing past!

Whenever go on days out like this, I always make sure to pack a few supplies from home to make our day run smoother. If someone wants a snack or a drink, I like to have something ready. Yazoo No Added Sugar is ideal for these type of situations, so I’ve been taking a few of the 200ml bottles along with us.

They work well when the kids need a quick refuel in between their adventures, and as it’s the No Added Sugar version, I’m really happy with them drinking this too.

Yazoo No Added Sugar does not have any added sweeteners of any kind – It only contains the sugar that is found naturally in milk, and each bottles comes in at 96 calories meaning that it sits comfortably in the Public Health England’s plans for 100 calorie snacks for children. Plus, with Vitamin B2, protein and calcium it is full of essential goodness.

It comes in three flavours – chocolate, strawberry and banana – and my kids are all fans of the taste. The 200ml size is just enough to give them a boost ready to get back to having fun.

How have you spent the October half term this year?

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