How to be a prom queen

Do you want to be the next prom queen? Here is how to get crowned!

Prom Queen is a title that most girls dream of having, but only one girl will receive. With fierce competition, how can you stand out in the crowd and be crowned with that glittering tiara?

Wear a Killer Dress

Whilst it is tempting to say ‘looks do not factor into it’, we all know that amazing prom dresses hat stand out will definitely put you in the running for prom queen. We recommend black prom dresses, they are on trend, sophisticated and timeless. Making sure the prom dress fits you well and compliments your body shape. Jessica, a designer at JJ’s House says ‘having the right prom dress can make or break your chances of prom queen, we recommend choosing elegant and glam ball gowns for prom dresses 2019’.

Socialize, Be Friendly

To be crowned prom queen requires votes votes votes. Its simple math, the more friends you have, the more people that vote for you, and the more likely you will be to win. Being a friendly and kind person in school will surely help, make a genuine effort to be friendly, and hopefully they will be more likely to vote for you.

Be a role model for the school

Some schools will have a requirement that you have good grades, and are actively participating in school activities. Being a model student should others should follow would make a natural prom queen. So, show your school and classmates you are a good leader, join some school activities, even the prom committee, and study hard for good grades!

Avoid being in trouble

Prom Queen’s are rarely the students who are usually in trouble at school, for example being suspended will be a sure way to ruin your chances of being crowned. So, keep your head down when studying, follow the school rules, and be a shining example to others.

Get Nominated

If your school requires you to be nominated by a certain number of people to be in the running for Prom Queen, this means persuading these friends to vote for you initially. Buying them a small gift as an incentive could help. If they are also in the running this makes it more difficult, but you can make a pact that you will stay friends no matter what.

Campaign early

Once nominated, you need to get your name out there. Recruit others to help in creating posters and banners, keep a or other social media to promote your campaign. Make class or assembly announcements, and attend school events to make your face known. Networking and socializing will benefit you greatly when it comes to the voting!

We have brought you six easy ideas to help in your journey to becoming Prom Queen. Remember whatever the outcome, you tried your best, and if it doesn’t happen that you win, don’t let it ruin such a special night that. Have fun, you will remember your prom night forever! Last but not least, good luck, we hope your dream to become Prom Queen comes true!

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