Nickelodeon Dora and Friends Twitter Party #doraandfriends

We’ve been familiar with Dora the Explorer for many years now, and the boys enjoy watching her show on Nick Jr but now she is back with something new: Dora & Friends Into the City. To mark the launch of this new show, we will be taking part in a Twitter party on Monday 3rd November from 4pm-6pm. Come join us to find out more about this new show from Dora and Friends and have the chance to win many fun prizes as you take part in the party!

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Dora and friends twitter party


To take part make sure to follow the hashtag #doraandfriends, and follow the host @ukmumstv and @nickjrtv as well as me on @theplayroomblog of course!

Along with the Twitter party we will also be hosting a kids Dora and friends themed party at home for the kids to watch the Dora and Friends Into the City show premiere, and I’ll share pictures with you afterwards of the food, party games and fun activities that we enjoy in our Dora and friends party.

dora and friends twitter party

Dora and Friends shows Dora a little more grown up, but still looking for adventure and teaching kids positive messages along with a bit of Spanish!

Dora’s growing up and still going on magical adventures! She uses her problem-solving skills to discover new things about her city, her friends and in two languages. A musician, singer, athlete, and devoted student, Dora tries to find new ways to give back to her family and community. As always, Dora is an active girl, ready for any adventure that may come her way.

You can find out more about the new show Dora and friends into the city here on the Nick Jr website.

What do you think of the new Dora and Friends show? Come and tell me at the Twitter party – I hope to see lots of you there!

Don’t forget – Monday 3rd from 4pm-6pm with the hashtag #doraandfriends

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