Fun ways to Motivate Kids to Brush their Teeth

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As every parent knows, it’s so important to instil good oral health and toothbrushing habits in our kids. Their teeth are so precious and important, and the habits that are learned young will set the foundation for later life – but sometimes young children may be resistant to brushing their teeth. Perhaps they forget, or they don’t want to spend the time, or even they don’t like the taste or feel of  brushing. If that’s the case here are some activities and ideas to help motivate and encourage kids to brush their teeth properly so that they will be ready willing and able to brush twice each day for two minutes at a time.

How to motivate kids with toothbrushing - fun toothbrushing tips and ideas for kids

Egg and soda toothbrushing experiment at Milk and Cuddles

Toothbrushing water play at Teach Preschool

Hands on toothbrushing activity with egg cartons and “gak” at Parenting Chaos

Printable toothbrushing reward chart at Happiness is Homemade

Turn tooth brushing into a rock concert at Lemon Lime Adventures

Fun hands on ways to teach children the importance of tooth brushing, so that they understand and feel motivated to brush their teeth. Such fun and interactive ways to learn this!

My kids also enjoy the magic tooth fairy game, although not specifically about brushing it’s still a reminder of how precious teeth are and that they should be looked after! I also introduced electric toothbrushes to the kids, which helps them do a better job with their teeth. Mr Z loves the electric toothbrush, and Mr T wasn’t so sure but they can be picked up pretty cheaply so it would be worth a try to see whether your child likes the idea of them.

It’s a shockingly high statistic but 75% of kids forget to brush their teeth. Take the brushing challenge to make sure your kids are always in the healthy 25%. You’ll get 2 texts per day for 5 days, plus occasional tips and fun facts afterward. Sign up to see if YOUR family can beat the challenge. Sign up here

Kids should be brushing for 2 minutes two times per day. To help make this task more fun and to help keep them more aware of the time, you could have them watch a short 2 minute video while they brush!

You can find some 2 minute videos here so that kids can watch and brush!

Check out this short video too, to show how teaching oral health measures up to some of the more time consuming aspects of parenting!

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  1. My Daughter likes me to count in Missisippi’s, She’ll pick a number such as 30 & I have to count up to that number whilst brushing her teeth.


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