Nexo Knights 4D Show at Legoland, and new Legoland Castle hotel

We always enjoy days out to Legoland. It’s a great theme park for kids of all ages, and one of the fun things about Legoland is that they are always updating and incorporating something new to make each visit different and exciting. Earlier in the year, a new Nexo Knights 4D show was added.


Since the new Nexo Knights show came out on TV earlier in the year, these new characters have been a big hit with my kids so they were of course excited to see the new 4D show.

The story takes place in Knighton, where the Nexo Knights and Merlock 2.0 battle against the baddie Jestro and his Book of Monsters, in a race to find and get their hands on the Book of Creativity.

The story is shown as a 3D movie, but with extra 4D effects for added excitement – like water, air blasts, or fire. All of the 4D shows that we’ve seen at Legoland have been pretty impressive. I find that they have better effects than some we’ve seen elsewhere and the Lego characters and stories are always engaging and exciting for the kids.


It’s always worth taking a visit to the 4D movie theatre while at Legoland. After lunch is often a good time, to give your meal a chance to settle down before you get back onto the rides!! There also won’t tend to be a queue or wait time, since the cinema has quite a large capacity, and of course the 4D shows are a good option for family members who are not so daring to go on the big rides. It’s also suitable for pregnant ladies to take part in – which is great. Legoland is actually one of the better theme parks to take the kids while you’re pregnant as there are plenty of non ride elements that you can take part in (the 4D cinema, miniland and Star Wars miniland, the Xbox gaming bit, Lego building areas, shows to watch etc etc!) – and the same applies to taking younger kids too as they can take part in all of those non ride areas, and the play area, without needing to queue up or be a certain height.

Watch this video to get a taste of the Nexo Knights 4d show:

Find out more about the 4d movie here

Legoland Castle Hotel

Another exciting new addition to Legoland, is the new castle themed hotel which is set to open in July 2017. The castle theme will definitely be a hit with fans of Nexo Knights, and fans of the old Lego castle sets too (our castle set was always my favourite as a kid!)


Booking will open for the 61 room hotel in mid-October and families can choose between two imaginatively themed room types – Knights and Wizards – each with separate sleeping areas for adults and children.

Situated right on the edge of the theme park next to the existing LEGOLAND Windsor Resort Hotel, the LEGOLAND Castle Hotel will bring to life an enchanted world of brave knights and princesses, wily wizards and jolly jesters. Colourful LEGO® touches and models large and small will feature throughout from the astonishing lobby dominated by a giant LEGO Wizard unleashing LEGO magic from his wand, to the a la carte Tournament Tavern Restaurant, indoor Jester’s Play area and outdoor Playground.


Young fans are being given the exclusive chance to make a unique mark by designing a LEGO model to take a starring place in the new hotel. All they have to do is submit a drawing or photo of a small scale model fit for an enchanted castle and the winning design will be brought to life in a LEGO model up to 6ft in size.  The competition is open to children aged 2-16; the winner will be invited to put the final brick in their model and, with their family, will be one of the first to stay at the new hotel in July!

Prices are from £572 for a family room (2 adults /2 children) including breakfast, park tickets for two days plus special exclusive benefits.

Find out more about the upcoming castle hotel here

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