TMNT Half-Shell Squeeze Em’s Review

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TMNT Half-Shell Squeeze Em’s are a fun new toy for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fans,from Flair PLC, and they are quite different and unique from other TMNT toy ranges we’ve tried out. The TMNT HalfShell Squeeze Em’s are a large soft plastic toy which comes with sound effects, and crazy popping facial expressions.


To active the sound effects, and popping eyes and tongue, you simply squeeze the turtles’ shells for surprising shouts plus eye and tongue popping action! The harder you squeeze, the higher they shout and burp! Each turtle includes multiple sounds and phrases, and my kids found it funny to see all the sounds they can do – especially as it includes some rude sounds like burp which they didn’t expect to hear coming out from a toy!

Each of the Squeeze ‘Ems is quite a good size, as you can see here, they’re much bigger than the TMNT action figures that you can get, and more the size of a medium sized soft toy. They stand up easily so you can display on a shelf or top of a toy storage area if you want to, and they also come with the turtles weapons. We have Leonardo so he comes with two katanas, which he can hold and are removable too.


The TMNT Half-Shell Squeeze Em’s are available in all turtle forms: Leonardo, Raphael, Michaelangelo or Donatello, for around £24.99 each.


The TMNT Half Shell Heroes range, including the Squeeze ‘Ems, are aimed at younger turtle fans, as the characters are depicted a little cuter and friendly – compared to the movie range of TMNT for example which has them looking a little scarier and grittier.

This particular toy is recommended for age 2-4 but my kids all enjoy the Half Shell Heroes range, and I would say it easily suits up to around age 6 too.

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