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The London Activity Book illustrated by Esther Coombs is packed full of creative activities for kids, from colouring to drawing and designing. It also has lots of fun London facts, and puzzles for children to complete like mazes, and spotting things within a picture. There are postcards at the back of the book too, which you can colour and then send on.

The London Activity Book with London themed colouring, drawing prompts, puzzles and more. Download sample printables free in this blog post


This is a lovely book, whether you live in London (as we do) or are planning a trip to the Capital then these activities are an easy way for children to get acquainted with some of the history and sights of this city. Since my boys were all born here in London, I’m keen for them to develop some knowledge about our home town. It’s important to have some pride in where you come from, especially in a city with as much history as ours.

We really enjoyed colouring in the London tube map, and completing the puzzles. Some of the pages are repeated in the book, so if your child especially enjoys something they can do it again – or it’s useful when sharing among siblings.

colouring london tube map

This book is a lot more detailed than just a typical colouring book, so I would say it’s best suited for children of around 6+ although younger ones would enjoy some aspects of it too but the slightly older ones will get more out of it by being able to read all of the information and complete the activities in more detail.


To give you a feel for the book, I have two sample pages to share with you. Download the PDF files and print these out for your children to have a go with the activities.

Draw your own dinosaur with Natural History Museum facts

019_LONDON ACTIVITY BOOK1-page-001Click here to download and print this page

London Trafalgar Square Colouring Page. Doodle your own pigeons.


Click here to download and print this page

Where to Buy

You can buy the London Activity Book through Amazon for RRP £9.99 (or in USA from for $8.99)

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london themed printable activity sheets. Colour trafalgar square, or design your own dinosaur for the natural history museum. Good for Londoners or tourists planning a trip to London



ISBN: 9781908985248 Published by Button Books May 15 2015

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